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Click here for Before & After picturesIt is the belief of many women that they will never again be able to return to the bodies they had before becoming pregnant but this most certainly does not have to be the case, especially when you opt to work with Pacific Plastic Surgery Group. Here, we have created an entire set of medical procedures all focused specifically on helping restore a woman’s post-pregnancy body back to her pre-pregnancy physique. Our techniques of doing so include the following combination of plastic surgery procedures:

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty: Tummy tucks are used to remove excess skin and fat deposits that have accumulated in a person’s abdominal area. In post-pregnant women, this is a common occurrence and easily corrected with abdominoplasty surgery which re-tightens the abdominal muscles and restores the waistline.

Breast Lift / Breast Reduction: Some women may experience sagging of the breasts after their pregnancy has been completed and breastfeeding has terminated. Therefore, we have included breast lift surgeries in our Mommy Makeover procedures. Other women may need their breasts reduced to a size more proportional to the rest of their body, in which case we would offer a breast reduction.

Breast Augmentation: After pregnancy and/or breast feeding, new moms might notice their breasts have lost a significant amount of volume. In order to restore this volume and fullness, we often recommend a breast augmentation using implants or fat grafting.

Liposuction: Post-pregnancy, many women suffer from accumulations of fat and / or areas of excessive, sagging skin. Prior to pregnancy and childbirth, neither of these were anywhere to be found, which is why sculpting and removing the fat and skin from these problem areas is one of our main Mommy Makeover techniques.

CoolSculpting: Post-pregnancy and childbirth, you may notice stubborn pockets of fat on your body that seem resistant to diet & exercise. Surgery isn’t an option for everyone, which is why we also offer CoolSculpting for non-invasive fat reduction. No surgery, no downtime, just real visible results.

Return to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

As a mother, it is important to feel good about yourself and love your body. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do after pregnancy and childbirth have altered your physique. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group we want you to feel good about yourself and your body. Our Mommy Makeover can return you to a body that is familiar, comfortable and something about which you can be proud. Generally, we recommend that you allot one to two weeks of recovery time from these restorative / corrective procedures. You can learn more about the Mommy Makeover plan that a skilled San Francisco plastic surgeon can design for you by contacting our office today.

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