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For chronic sufferers of migraine pain there is now a surgical method of correcting the problem. New and innovative for its field, the most recent alternative for the alleviation of migraine pain is through Botox® surgery. The same surgery that is used on patients of brow lift procedures has been found effective on suffers of migraines as well. Instead of injecting Botox® for firming purposes, surgeons can instead make injections into the temporal nerves of these patients to put an end to their migraine headaches.

The theory behind using brow lifting techniques for the treatment of migraines stems from the understanding that surgeons are essentially using the process to decompress pinched nerves that are the sources of migraine pain in many patients who suffer. When the procedure is performed at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group Dr. Miranda systematically makes small severs into sections of muscle in his patients, thereby releasing the pressure around the nerves and relieving them of their headaches.

Benefits of Migraine Surgeries

Worldwide, it is estimated that migraines adversely affect an entire 10% of the population on a yearly basis. However, thanks to innovative surgical procedures and techniques such as those being practiced at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group by Dr. Miranda and our medical team, migraine sufferers in San Francisco and throughout the U.S. can seek relief. Days lost to migraine pain and money spent on inadequate methods of relief will no longer plague those who opt for migraine surgery at our office.

Data produced by our surgical team shows that approximately 88% of all patients who have shown improvement in their migraine headaches and pains after surgery have felt so persistently and long-term. After surgery, many patients have described the freedom they have to enter brightly lit areas, engage in daily activities they were once denied and live a lifestyle that they always wanted. Free from the worry, pain and debilitation brought on by their migraine headaches, patients of our office are now able to experience a life worth living. Contact a San Francisco plastic surgeon today to learn more about what can be done to alleviate your pain!

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