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Latisse® Eyelash Formula San Francisco

Latisse Eyelashes Formula
Latisse is a prescription medication used to stimulate your eyelashes to grow longer, fuller and thicker. Thinning eyelashes is a common side of aging, but does not have to be permanent. Once you have seen one of our medical staff and they have determined Latisse is right for you, we send you home with your Latisse kit, we carry both the 5ml (10 week supply) & 3ml (30 day supply) kits. You simply apply one drop of Latisse to each lash line before bed each night (brushes included).

Full results are seen after 16 weeks of use, on average patients report their lashes to be 106% fuller (more than double your pre-Latisse lashes). Latisse is one of our favorite products here at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group simply because it works. Results are undeniable and the treatment itself is affordable & easy for patients to use.

If you would like more information on Latisse®, please do not hesitate to contact a San Franciso cosmetic surgeon today!

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