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Plastic Surgery Testimonials San Francisco

Clients from all around the San Francisco area have come to Dr. Miranda and walked away with positively remarkable results. Highly trained and extremely concerned with client well-being, Dr. Miranda does all that he can to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for his patients. Whether in need of cosmetic surgery to enhance certain physical features or you need a procedure for certain medical reasons, our medical staff is prepared to provide you with optimal customer care.

There are both surgical and non-surgical options depending on the type of results you are looking to achieve. He is also highly trained in skin care, working to create custom skin care treatments for each individual patient he sees. Do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Miranda today to discuss the options that are available to meet your specific desires. Read various client testimonials below to learn more about our level of service:

Pacific Plastic Surgery Group
5 stars - based on 32 reviews
77 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Hi Dr. Miranda

5 stars - Written on November 4, 2013

I realized some time before the holidays that i was supposed to come back for another “post operation” checkup and then got very busy with entertaining and having guest etc and it completely skipped my mind. I am doing fantastic!!! Feeling wonderful again…..I am so grateful for your expertise and credit you and Dr. Chiu with saving my quality of life….thanks so much for everything and I have given your name to many friends thinking about plastic surgery!!


I liked you personally…

5 stars - Written on November 11, 2011

To Dr Miranda, I am sorry. I hoped that you would contact me after writing the review. The bill went to hastily to collections.

Collections stopped contacting me so I don’t know if it was taken out of collections or they gave up. I don’t know about my credit right now.

I liked you personally and you did a great job of sewing me up in the ER. I am grateful for those things and I am indebted to you for that, though on the other hand, after seeing the bill, after being reported to collections, I was askance.

I hope that you continue to do a good job and have a positive attitude about your work and the people whom you treat.


Had Dr. Miranda ss…

5 stars - Written on August 11, 2011

…the on call doctor for CPMC ER for a laceration above the eye sustained while playing basketball last fall. ER experience was professional and he did a good job on the eye.


It’s been over a year since my tummy tuck surgery…

5 stars - Written on March 11, 2011

…and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I did have some dog-earing but Dr. Miranda took care of it with a revision procedure in office yesterday. His PA, Kelly, is awesome! Between the two of them, I knew I was in the best care possible. I was awake during the procedure and they were ever so professional and courteous in and making sure my pain was managed. When I experienced some bleeding today, I called the office and Dr. Miranda called me back right away and instructed me on how to care for it and followed up 15 minutes later to make sure the bleeding had subsided. (I was trying to be superwoman and get some housework done and not resting like I should have.) Dr. Miranda’s calm and patient bedside manner put me at ease and he was ready to see me right away if I felt I needed to come in. Luckily, his instructions worked and i didn’t have to go back in.

Also, since my last review, I started noticing that I was looking more tired than usual – the result of having 3 active kids, I suppose! After a consultation last month, Dr. Miranda suggested a little botox on the outer edge of my eye (crow’s feet, although I really don’t have any yet) to open up the eye. I immediately saw results and feel like it’s taken 5 years off my age! Someone mistook me for a 23 year old, need I say more??

They added some new staff whom all seem wonderful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Miranda and his staff!!!


I am not the type to write reviews…

5 stars - Written on October 7, 2008

…but I am sooo happy with my results that I have to write this. Dr. Edward Miranda came highly recommended by my friend who had her tummy tuck and lipo done by him. I wanted the same things done but with getting double eyelids, too. My friend warned beforehand that he is very young handsome so I was expecting a young arrogant doctor (90120 style). But no, he was very friendly and professional. Full of knowledge with many years of experience in reconstructive surgeries under his belt. He made sure I felt comfortable with him during my consultation and had his female assistant in the room put me more at ease.

To have somebody perform surgery on me, of course I am going to do my research and find the best one and one who I can trust. With Dr. Miranda, it also came as a bonus for me because he specializes in double eyelids! His prices were pretty reasonable for my tummy tuck (results of having kids), Lipo. and double eyelids. Trust me, I work out but still can not get rid of that pregnancy fat and those layers of folds on my tummy. After the surgery, recovering at home, Dr. Miranda personally called to make sure I was fine and comfy. He always calls back even at crazy hours at night when I have questions! He did such a wonderful job and the double eyelids made a difference. I am just loving it right now and would highly..HIGHLY recommend Dr. Miranda to anybody who is looking for a great trustworthy doctor.

I have to say…I am extremely happy with my results every time I go in for botox and also seeing him in the ER for a severely lacerated finger. The staff is extremely nice and accommodating, and Dr. Miranda is extremely professional and caring. I noticed that previous reviews have given him 1 or 2 stars, not because of his work, but because of billing situations. I totally understand and agree that the previous employee who handled the billing was incompetent. Dr. Miranda has a new person handling the billing, and she is fantastic. Excellent work by the doctor and fantastic staff! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else or see anyone else!


Honestly, Dr. Miranda is the best doctor…

5 stars - Written on August 30, 2011

…I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I broke my nose playing basketball, and it was extremely crooked. My brother’s wedding was a week away, so there wasn’t any time to waste. Dr. Miranda made time to see me the day after I broke my nose (when there weren’t any availabilities, he just squeezed me in) and told me to the pros and cons of every potential decision. When I decided to get it broken back into place, he squeezed me in the NEXT day to ensure I would have as much time to heal as possible before my brother’s wedding. Sure enough, within a week I looked 100 percent normal, and nobody could even tell I had broken my nose. Thank goodness, because there were a ton of pictures.

Not only is my nose back to normal, my breathing is actually better than it’s even been. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Miranda is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and smart, and I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about the man. If you ever need plastic surgery in the Bay Area, I highly, highly recommend Dr. Miranda. You won’t regret it.


I went back to see Dr. Miranda for a tummy tuck…

5 stars - Written on August 18, 2011

…a few months ago after having my second child and had yet another wonderful experience. My friends at the Golden Gate Mothers Group have also had wonderful experiences with this office. Let’s just say you get what you pay for! Unfortunately, my previous review got filtered into the filtered section. Dr. Miranda still maintains his pleasant bedside manners and I would highly recommend Dr. Miranda to my friends and family.


Choosing a plastic surgeon isn’t an easy thing to do…

5 stars - Written on July 23, 2011

…especially when having a bit of phobic about getting cosmetic procedures. I believe that a good cosmetic surgeon should be able to make their patients feel relaxed and comfortable about the whole procedure. After much research, and consulting with a few docs, I chose Dr. Miranda for my procedure. He told me how he would improve my looks while managing expectations about the final outcome. I really enjoyed his down to earth approach and his ability to listen to my needs. Most importantly, I felt that Dr. Miranda and his team had a satisfaction at heart and cared about me. I’m very happy with the natural looking results and will be going back to see him soon. Dr. Miranda definitely exceeded all my expectations! I also have to say that there was no discomfort during the procedure or afterwards which was what I feared the most. I am very impressed with Dr. Miranda’s passion and expertise in his field.

I highly recommend him for everything and anything!


I developed a facial cyst on my jaw…

5 stars - Written on July 22, 2011

…at the end of 2010 and around Jan 2011 it got infected. A very good friend of mine who had several procedures done with Dr. Miranda highly recommended I see Dr. Miranda since he has had experience with removing cysts. Additionally after asking around I realized it was best to see a plastic surgeon for removal of a facial cyst as they will do whatever they can to minimize any scarring. Dr. Miranda was very patient with me throughout the consultation and took a lot of time to explain to me what caused my cyst, what the surgery would entail as well as answering any questions or concerns I had regarding the removal of the cyst. At no time did I feel rushed which was nice compared to other doctors I have seen in the past. He scheduled me for surgery 2 weeks later and everything turned out fine. I have really thick facial hair and while performing the surgery to remove my cyst, Dr. Miranda found that the cause was ingrown facial hair. After removing the cyst and ingrown facial hair, he found I had additional ingrown hairs and he removed them as well as the follicles in order to minimize the possibility of anymore cysts from coming back. Recovery was about a week and I have had no problems since. Including the initial consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments, I saw Dr. Miranda about 4-5 times in total over a 2 month period or so. Overall, every visit went smoothly. The office and facilities were immaculately clean and organized. And most important of all, Dr. Miranda and his entire staff were always friendly, courteous, patient and helpful throughout the process. It kind of makes me wish this was how visits to my GP would be. I give Dr. Miranda 5 stars all the way and I would definitely see Dr. Miranda again for any future procedures I may need. I highly recommend you see Dr. Miranda for any cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Miranda is my hero!

5 stars - Written on July 8, 2011

I was told in the emergency room that I would likely lose my finger and maybe more. Dr. Miranda performed surgery late into the night to remove the infected tissue and save my finger. I am back to work at my keyboard 100%. I would highly recommend him should you need plastic or reconstructive surgery.


I like Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on May 6, 2011

…because he takes very good care of me =) He is also very nice.


My friend, who’s 30, has been seeing Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on April 9, 2011

…for botox for a few years now. She’s always raving about both. Recently, I started noticing lines between my eyebrows. So for my birthday, I decided to try it. Wow! I’m amazed at how painless it was and how great it worked. I noticed a difference that night. After a few days, my wrinkles were gone! My husband didn’t think I needed it but after I had it done, he admitted that he noticed a big difference.


Dr. Miranda has helped me over the past few years…

5 stars - Written on February 28, 2011

…on a variety of issues and he is caring, thoughtful and quite precisely the best. I am in the medical industry myself, and when you know a lot of people (as clients and colleagues) you need someone able, committed and trustworthy.

He can be direct at times, but if your doctor isn’t going to tell you how it is — who will?

Also, 2 of his new staff Anna and Cris are great. THANK YOU Dr. Miranda!!! I could not have looked this good without you!


I am a mother of two beautiful children

5 stars - Written on September 21, 2010

After my second child, the skin on my abdomen warped into something else. I knew I had to do something about it! So, I asked my OBGYN to refer me to the best plastic surgeon in San Francisco. That was how I found Dr. Miranda! After consulting with Dr. Miranda, I found out that the muscles in my abdomen had separated when I was pregnant and what I needed was a tummy tuck to take off the extra skin and a repair of my abdominal muscles. I also had some Liposuction done around the abdomen and what they cal “flank” area to give me my waist back. It has been six months now after my surgery and I have to tell you, it was ALL WORTH IT!!! I cannot thank you enough Dr. Miranda!!


Dr. Miranda was on call for the CPMC ER…

5 stars - Written on September 17, 2010

…when my son came in with a terrible, deep, jagged laceration on his face. He was so appropriate interacting both with my son (3 yo) and comprehensive and detailed in his care plan and discussions with my husband and myself. He was professional I every way… I am confident the outcome will be a good one, and if it is not, I am certain Dr. Miranda with his skill and expertise will guide us in the appropriate measures.


Dr. Miranda is a-m-a-z-i-n-g

5 stars - Written on January 9, 2010

He’s thorough and meticulous, and treats you like his own, not just a number on a file or another set of silicone boobs. My surgery date pushed back a couple times and it landed very close to Christmas, and even then he did an awesome job on the surgery and he and his staff even opened their office for me on Christmas Eve a next day follow up! Not to mention that my operation was a particularly challenging one; but nevertheless, I’m at my 3rd week and I couldn’t be more satisfied. He measures and measures and measures, but you know that he’s going to get it right and make you look great.

If you’re surgeon shopping…
…don’t fall for the fancy waiting rooms and doctors claiming numbers; Dr. Miranda is no frills and no bs, he does his job and he does it well. And as far as price, he is absolutely reasonable and his assistant Elaine will hunt down every deal and discount for you :)

I can’t wait until my results are final, I would recommend Dr. Miranda to everyone I know!


Dr. Miranda is a professional…

5 stars - Written on July 21, 2010

…for whom I have the highest regard. After seriously injuring my hand on a broken glass, I was referred to Dr. Miranda by my attending ER physician. Dr. Miranda’s secretary was able to schedule an appointment for me within two days of my calling. Upon inspecting my hand, Dr. Miranda recommended immediate surgery to prevent further injury. Dr. Miranda expertly and patiently explained to me the statistics associated with my injury and made a case for his recommendation, keeping me informed of the risks and benefits of the proposed surgical procedure. Dr. Miranda was able to schedule me for surgery at the nearest hospital that same night!

Within two months following my surgery…
…and subsequent treatment by the excellent physical therapists to which Dr. Miranda referred me, I was again able to enjoy the full use of my hand. Dr. Miranda made an accurate diagnosis and was able to help me immediately. Dr. Miranda is an extremely capable surgeon: my physical therapist repeatedly commented on how precisely the surgical procedure had been accomplished. I am grateful to Dr. Miranda and would recommend him unconditionally especially for hand-related issues.


Dr. Edward Miranda was my surgeon…

5 stars - Written on September 22, 2009

…after I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. For those of you that are not familiar with this, it is also known as the flesh eating disease. There was a couple of shows with Dr. Oz on Oprah discussing this scary disease. Death or loss of limbs are very normal, and in fact 75% of those who do not get to the E.R. within 48 hours of contracting die. Miss Brazil recently contracted it. At first they cut her hands and feet off trying to stop the disease, and two days later she died.


Dr. Miranda was my surgeon…

5 stars - Written on June 22, 2009

…from the beginning of my four month hospital stay, and has continued to see me during my recovery and now subsequent plastic surgeries to repair damaged tissue. I had twenty five plus surgeries during my hospital stay to remove dead tissue from my feet, to my neck, including a vast majority of the tissue from my right hip and the back of my right leg. I not only had tissue removed, but ligaments, nerves and veins had to be moved or reattached. So much was done, it filled up a stack of documents three feet high. The fact that I survived and was still so healthy after all I had been through, caused me to be known as one of the biggest miracles that California Pacific Medical Center has ever seen. I would not have been so lucky, if not for Dr. Miranda. What I know is Dr. Miranda is an incredible surgeon and would refuse to give up. When others said remove the leg, or other such dire circumstances arose, he would keep try another approach. I have now been out of the hospital for just over six months. I am now almost one hundred percent recovered, with all limbs intact. I owe Dr. Miranda my life. Even though Dr. Miranda had to remove an incredible amount of tissue. I am now able to return to a normal life. If I had any other surgeon, I would not have been so lucky.


I usually don’t like going to hospitals for whatever reason…

5 stars - Written on October 6, 2009

…but I had a cyst on my face for years and after millions of people telling me to get rid of it ASAP I finally took the time to get it done! So after searching around I heard about Dr. Edward Miranda.. He’s a nice guy and really knowledgeable in what he does… All in all the surgery was painless, FAST, and now its healed without a single scar on my face! *which is very important in my opinion!* For excellent treatment and work done I HIGHLY recommend him to everybody! Not to mention his secretary is very nice too!


Not only did Mr. Miranda save my life…

5 stars - Written on June 22, 2009

…with his great surgical skills, he was able to make my family more at ease by keeping the family informed and answering any and all questions. There was at least a half dozen times that I was not expected to live, especially when the disease traveled up my neck and towards my brain. My family had great confidence that I had the best surgeon possible. Often times a great surgeon does not always communicate things well. Dr. Miranda was able to be very patient and understanding with me and my family as well as display incredible surgical skills. Thank you Dr. Edward Miranda.


I went to see Dr. Miranda for a small procedure…

5 stars - Written on March 2, 2009

…to be done in his office. After seeking his advice regarding my issue, Dr. Miranda, who was very busy in the operating room, advised me that we needed to take care of the problem immediately in order to avoid a bigger problem down the road. I feel the Dr. Miranda provides a more personalized, professional service and care rather than the “cattle herd” you may find at many other medical practices.

He was very professional and made me feel comfortable at a time when I think most people wouldn’t be. He was conscientious about ensuring I was feeling no pain during the procedure and was thorough with providing patient education and so forth.

I was healed from the procedure within 5-7 days with very little discomfort. Dr. Miranda called me personally to make sure I was doing okay and to inquire about the condition of my wound. The other thing I found valuable was his complete discretion and confidentially. He holds HIPPA Standards in the highest regard. I felt very comfortable with him, and would definitely see him in the future for plastic surgery needs.


I have had nothing but a positive experience with Dr. Miranda

5 stars - Written on November 20, 2008

He is both pleasant and professional beyond his years and I would recommend him as a surgeon to any of my friends and family. Further, his office is very welcoming and clean as well as discreet.

I have been extremely satisfied with his work and will happily continue as a patient of his. Fantastic surgeon.


Dr. Miranda is highly recommended…

5 stars - Written on September 24, 2008

…for those of you looking for youth and physical beauty. He and his staff are extremely professional. I would definitely continue being a client until he retires his magical hands!


Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on May 10, 2010

…Thank you so much for taking care of my wife. You are a wonderful person & doctor.


Dear Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on March 4, 2010

…Thanks to a wonderful team, of which you were a very integral part, I am thankful to be looking forward to a bright new year.


Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on January 18, 2010

…Thank you for taking care of me and going beyond the call of duty!


Thanks Doc!

5 stars - Written on November 9, 2009

Thank you & Elaine for taking care of my during your time off & for not letting me talk my way out of what I already knew I needed, but was just in denial about! You both are awesome!


Dear Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on August 1, 2009

…thank you & the OR team for all of your help last Thursday…Thank you & your team, when I first came to you it was a blessing. If it was not for your skill, I might not be writing this note of praise to you. I am thankful for you being such a great doctor and having the best hospital & staff.


Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on April 9, 2009

…you are simply the best! Thank you for ordering the CT scan & giving me many more healthy years to look forward to.


Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on February 20, 2009

…I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the care you provided for my daughter both at St. Mary’s emergency room & afterwards. Thank you for performing so well on her and for helping to ease my hysteria. I am very grateful to you & the rest of the staff who offered me such kindness that day. As you saw, my daughter is healing up nicely and she is still a very happy little girl.

Thank you again.


Dr. Miranda…

5 stars - Written on November 29, 2008

…you may sometimes hear from dissatisfied patients but probably hear rarely from those who are satisfied. I’m in the latter category. The procedure you performed has been a huge success. I’ve experienced no discomfort or pain, even after very strenuous exercise. Moreover, the incisions have almost completely disappeared! Thank you & your staff for doing such an incredible job.