Baptist Children’s Hospital Provides Free Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Children

The Baptist Children's Hospital had their "Day of Smiles" which they hold every year for children who need cosmetic reconstruction, but cannot afford it. They provide these services for children ranging in age from 7 to 17 years of age who have certain physiological disorders or have had serious accidents. One 17 year old received a procedure that would help reduce the look of scarring that she had from multiple different skin grafts. She was the victim of an unfortunate steam burn when she was a young child, which had left her upper body and face badly disfigured. After undergoing 22 different surgeries, taking skin from different parts of her body and grafting it to cover the burned skin, she couldn't wait to receive this latest cosmetic procedure to help make her feel a little more like other girls her age.

This day also places a heavy focus on helping children who have a cleft lip or palate, providing them with relief from the discomfort and ridicule that other kids might give them. A plastic surgeon who was a trauma surgeon during the Vietnam War was involved in the day. He had extensive experience helping children with cleft lip corrections during the war, whenever he was not helping wounded soldiers. One of the youngest patients of the day was a 7 year old who was born without a right ear. The little girl was extremely excited about being able to look like her friends and her mother was equally thrilled. She knows how hard other children can be toward those that look different than them.

The "Day of Smiles" is not only an inspirational day for the children they assist, but also for the doctors doing the procedures. They have given up a Saturday and bestowed this gift on these kids with absolutely no cost. In turn, these surgeons have felt equally uplifted and inspired to continue helping those suffering from unfortunate conditions and injuries.

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