Tummy Tuck

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Most commonly referred to as tummy tucks, abdominoplasties are surgical procedures performed for the purpose of removing excess fat and skin from a person's abdominal area. When excess skin and fat accumulate in a person's stomach region it often tends to hang unattractively in that area, despite any exercise and diet changes a person may make.

This kind of "pooch" or "pot belly" is very often seen among previously pregnant women as well as men and women who have aged, experienced fluctuations in their weight or undergone surgery. It can also be a hereditary problem that has no other seeming explanation for the collection of fat and skin in one particular area.

About Tummy Tuck

For some patients, liposuction / liposculpture is not enough to diminish the problem of excessive fat that has built up in the abdominal region. When this is the case, many patients turn to abdominoplasty as an effective alternative.

Tummy tuck procedures are used to systematically remove the skin and fat molecules in your stomach. The procedure involves making an incision in the lower abdomen (directly above the hair line of your pubic area).

In many, it has been found that the lack of contour in a person's abdominal area is not just the result of built-up fat and skin; it is also contributed to by abdominal muscle weakness which inevitably exacerbates the pooch or belly.

In order to correct the accumulation of fat and skin that now rests idly in your lower stomach, tummy tucks are used.

Not only do these procedures effectively get rid of surplus fat and skin, they are usually effective in restoring the weakened and / or separated muscles that formerly led to your un-contoured abdominal profile. When your tummy tuck surgery has been completed, you will once again be able to see your natural shape. Women will have their hourglass figures returned to them and men will again be able to see the definition of their abs and get a "cut" look.

For many, the flat, toned abdomen that you get from a tummy tuck cannot be obtained through diet and exercise alone, making it a popular surgery in San Francisco and throughout the U.S.

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Individualizing Your Abdominoplasty

Depending on the current conditions of your health and body, our medical team will recommend a course of surgery that is best for you. In some cases this may mean performing a mini version of the abdominoplasty procedure. In others, it could call for a full tummy tuck procedure and additional liposculpting in order to optimize controlled results. Before considering abdominoplasty it is important to ensure that you are currently at a weight that is considered to be physically healthy and stable. You cannot smoke when undergoing this procedure.

Having a tummy tuck could significantly change the way you feel about yourself, and for the better.

It must be stressed that the results of this type of surgery need to be maintained. While adominoplasty is considered to be permanent, its positive results can be greatly diminished if your lifestyle creates frequent fluctuations in your weight. Tummy tucks are not advised for women wishing to become pregnant down the line, nor are the recommended for men and women who plan to lose substantial amounts of weight in the future.

The results of abdominoplasty are long lasting. They are positive for your morale and can serve as an integral way to help you maintain a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. You can learn more about the procedures involved in tummy tucks and the benefits they have to offer by contacting our office today.

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