Hair Regrowth

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For the restoration or prevention of hair loss and thinning, consider Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) therapy. Autologous Conditioned Plasma therapy is a non-surgical, time-efficient, and discreet treatment that is receiving a lot of praise for its preliminary clinical results. Book now for a complimentary consultation to learn more!

What is Autologous Conditioned Plasma?

Autologous Conditioned Plasma is the result of centrifuging (separating) blood to remove the red blood cells. What’s left, is a high concentrate of hundreds of naturally-occurring assorted proteins including growth factors, somatic cells, and other cytokines. These growth factors are essential for overall cell health and function, including signaling cells to regenerate and repair tissues. Autologous Conditioned Plasma has the potential to repair and regenerate damaged cells to restore and maintain hair growth for stronger, thicker, and healthier hair.

Autologous Conditioned Plasma Therapy in Conjunction with Other Modalities

Autologous Conditioned Plasma has long been used in the medical fields of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and sports medicine. Though it is not an FDA-approved therapy for hair loss yet, there are extensive studies pending that leverage Autologous Conditioned Plasma as a non-surgical option for hair restoration.


Each treatment begins with a complimentary consultation with one of our trained medical providers. After creating a customized treatment and you are deemed a good candidate the procedure will be scheduled. Some blood tests may be recommended prior to treatment to ensure good candidacy.

Day of Treatment

  • First, your blood will be drawn and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood separating the bloods different components by their densities allowing the Autologous Conditioned Plasma to be collected.
  • Numbing cream will be applied to the area(s) being treated (since pain is quite minimal, some patients opt out of numbing).
  • Once the numbing cream has taken affect, the Autologous Conditioned Plasma concentrate is drawn and injections begin. This takes an average of 5-10 minutes.
  • After the area(s) have been treated, you’re done!

Minimal side effects include tenderness and a “tight” feeling. These symptoms usually resolve within 24-48 hours. Most patients are able to return to normal day activities immediately post treatment.

Patients should avoid exercise the first 24 hours, limit sun exposure for 48 hours, and hair color the first 72 hours post-treatment. Avoid anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Motrin, Iburprofen, etc.) for 3-7 days post procedure.


  • Non-invasive, surgery-free option to promote hair restoration and prevent hair loss/ thinning
  • Safe with minimal side effect; no downtime and able to return to most daily activities post-treatment
  • Quick treatment; in-and-out in 30 minutes

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

For optimal results, the recommended protocol is 4 initial treatments spaced 1 month apart with a maintenance treatment every 4 months (this is an on-going procedure, we think of it as the “Botox” for hair).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not a candidate for Autologous Conditioned Plasma therapy?

Those who have any type of platelet dysfunction syndromes, a debilitating medical condition such as cancer, chronic liver disease, or any systemic disorders, have recently undergone chemotherapy or anticoagulation therapy, or a skin disease are not good candidates for Autologous Conditioned Plasma therapy.

Who is performing the procedure?

At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group in San Francisco, only a trained, medically-licensed medical professional performs the Autologous Conditioned Plasma hair therapy injections. To learn more about our medical professionals please visit our About Us page.

When can you expect results from Autologous Conditioned Plasma and how long do they last?

It takes six to twelve months to judge the results of Autologous Conditioned Plasma “visually” in the mirror or with standardized photos. Photographic assessment is performed every three months, so the plateau phase of improvement can be tracked.

Is there a recovery period or downtime after Autologous Conditioned Plasma treatments?

There is no activity restriction after a Autologous Conditioned Plasma treatment.

Patients may shower/shampoo/condition their hair normally just several hours after the treatment and resume normal daily and athletic activities. As mentioned previously, some brief mild inflammation noticeable as redness/pinkness and numbness of the scalp may be present for several hours.

No harsh chemical coloring or perming treatments should be performed for at least 72 hours. Use of topical hair growth treatments like Rogaine or similar can resume the next day. Laser therapy treatments can also be resumed the next day.

What are the risks and benefits of Autologous Conditioned Plasma treatments?

Autologous Conditioned Plasma is a comfortable, in-office, non-surgical procedure that takes about an hour start-to-finish. Most patients notice a brief period of inflammation during which their scalp remains somewhat pink and numb for a few hours.

Hair growth improvements can typically be measured in about three months, but it takes six to twelve months to visually “see” the difference in photos and in the mirror.

Patients with certain blood disorders or on certain medications are not candidates for Autologous Conditioned Plasma treatments. Autologous Conditioned Plasma is immunologically neutral and poses little risk of allergy, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions.