Belt Lipectomy
San Francisco

The belt lipectomy is a procedure used to surgically alter / lift the lower regions of your abdominal area. Most often, this surgery is performed on men and women whose dramatic weight loss has resulted in sagging skin and loose tissues in the middle section of their bodies; these are usually patients of gastric bypass surgeries or some other form of surgical weight loss.

What is a Belt Lipectomy?

Essentially, the belt lipectomy in San Francisco that we offer, combines several different types of plastic surgery into one effective procedure. Included in the process is a tummy tuck, butt lift and thigh lift. In this way, the procedure will effectively remove loose skin and residual fat that has accumulated in the middle region of a person’s body post weight loss. With a belt lipectomy, not only will patients loose skin / weight in their stomach areas, they will also show more definition in the back, butt, hips and thighs as well.

The lower body lift is designed to extend the effects of a tummy tuck beyond a patient’s lower frontal region. Instead of sticking to only one area of the stomach, the procedure extends all the way around the lower torso of the body, allowing for re-suspension of the inner and outer thighs in conjunction with the typical affects that are felt by standard tummy tucks. We strive to deliver the best belt lipectomy San Francisco has to offer. With so many areas of focus, belt lipectomies are extensive procedures that take time and require professional, board certified care from our San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Miranda

What You Can Expect Post Belt Lipectomy Surgery?

The belt lipectomy procedure itself can last anywhere from four to seven hours, and when the procedure is complete you will be bound in bandages extending from your abdominal waistline and all the way around your middle. These are designed to support your movement and minimize any discomfort that could arise as you attempt to maneuver after the surgery. Once the San Francisco belt lipectomy has been safely completed, you will need to allow for the appropriate amount of recovery time. Some patients will need to spend at least one night in the hospital in order to maximize their recovery. During this time, it is common for patients to experience general pain, but it is nothing that cannot be tempered with the use of pain medications.

Belt Lipectomy Recovery

When you are discharged from Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, you will be equipped with the necessary prescriptions to control your pain and heal properly. One of the most appealing aspects of post-belt lipectomy procedures is the fact that there are usually no sutures on the body that will later need to be removed. Instead, several tube drains placed around your body will need to be removed within a week to ten days after the surgery has been completed and the healing process has begun. We estimate that you will be able to return to your normal activities – minus any overly physical exertions – within about two weeks.

San Francisco Belt Lipectomy

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