In a society that portrays the model as the perfect man or woman, it is often hard for those individuals who feel as though they don't meet up to society's standard of perfection. Whether that means having the larger breasts, having the skinny and fit stomach, or even the lips like Angelina Jolie, it is very easy to be discontent with the way we look. Sadly, for many of us, if we are comfortable with how we look, we lack the confidence and drive to accomplish our goals and dreams. If only there was a way to change the way we look in order to be that more confident version of ourselves. Plastic surgery was invented for this very reason, to allow people who feel they are too overweight, or otherwise unhappy with their bodies to take action and make a change.

According to recent statistics, just in the year of 2011 alone more than 9 million people underwent some form of cosmetic procedure to improve or alter their physical appearance, both surgical and nonsurgical; costing over $10 billion total in medical bills. Despite the many dollars spent by patients, and the millions of people that decided to alter their appearance in some form, it is still difficult to come across a medical professional with the skill and expertise that is truly needed for such a delicate procedure such as this. At The Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we are a committed

San Francisco plastic surgery office dedicated to offering excellence to each of our patients as we seek to help them become their desired versions of themselves. Whether this means a face and neck alterations, breast implants or reductions, body alterations such as a tummy tuck, etc. or other non-surgical procedures, our medical team here is able to offer you the services you desire and need when looking for a cosmetic medical professional.

Cosmetic practice is not just another surgery that some doctor does on a table; it is a form of art accomplished by a gifted medical professional who appreciated the aesthetics of the body as well as the functions and purposes of the body. Whether it is becoming the breast size that you have always longed for, or receiving that tummy tuck the many trips to the gym has not been able to fix, our office wants to help you. San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward P. Miranda is an experienced medial professional who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery after having received countless years studying both medicine and plastic surgery. He attended Cornell University for his undergraduate degree in Biological Chemistry; he received his M.D. in Medicine and Surgery from Cornell in 2001 and then received his M.D. in Plastic Surgery in 2007 from the University of California, San Francisco. To read further about his credentials and educations please view his LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Miranda has received extensive surgical training that today allows him to offer to each of his patients the care and treatments needed unique for each person and procedure. When patients come to Dr. Miranda they are receiving the medical expertise of an individual who is highly acclaimed in the world of cosmetic surgery and he has had the privilege of publishing numerous works regarding the topic. To see an extensive list of his published works, please click here. At our firm, Dr. Miranda is the head medical director and we also have other staff members that are a valuable and necessary contribution to our team here at the office. This includes our Physician's Assistant, Kelly Arditi PA-C, our Lead Patient Care Coordinator Tori Mirabile, as well as Elaine Ng and Anna Wong, both patient Care Coordinators.

At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we are proud to share that we work heartily in whatever we do. Whether that is a consultation or the procedure itself, we put forward the necessary effort in order to make sure that each of our patients are well cared for and comfortable while at the same time receiving the desired results. Numerous clients have shared their words of application and gratitude for their services. One client shares that they received a tummy tuck years ago and even today they are still pleased with the results, many highly recommend our work, others share that they are beyond happy with the results they have received. Another individual discusses their eye injury and how after receiving surgery from our office feel as though their experience was successful and professional. Please click here to read more client testimonials. Many clients have shared their words of appreciation regarding their procedure, and this can be you next. Whether you need a little eye pick me up to wash away the tired years spent raising your children, or you are wanting the body you had in your twenties back, our office can do that for you!

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If you would like to discuss the possibilities of making the decision of a lifetime, call our firm today at 415-379-9015 for a consultation regarding your desired outcome. Prior to your private consultation you will receive an informational packet in the mail discussing the details of the specific procedure so that you can be more prepared with any possible questions and concerns upon the meeting. During this consultation we will look at before and after photos if you so choose, we will discuss pricing and the many options available and much more. You can also fill out a form online and we will get back to your shortly, for more information about the consultation, pricing and the form, please click here. Our office is located at 77 Van Ness Avenue Suite 302 San Francisco, CA 94102. If you would like to change anything about your person, big or small, do not hesitate in contacting the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group for the San Francisco plastic surgeon you deserve!