Lip Augmentation
San Francisco

There are all types and sizes of lips, and there are guidelines and formulas that help determine what size and shape the lips should be in order to be symmetrical and harmonious with the rest of one's face. For example, the bottom lip should approximately 75% larger than the top lip and both lips should have defined borders. Lip augmentation or enhancement is typically sought after by women who are looking for the ideal pair of lips. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group we strive to deliver the best lip augmentation San Francisco has to offer and has proven highly effective in accomplishing these goals.

Lip Augmentation San Francisco

Candidates For Lip Augmentation

In order to be a good candidate for lip augmentation, one must be in good physical condition, good mental health and possess a good body image. Those who have conditions or disorders that inhibit the body from healing may not be able to receive lip augmentation. You should inform your surgeon if you have oral herpes, as this may trigger breakouts which can spread to the face and nose.

About Lip Augmentation Procedure

You may be wondering what size lips will look good on your face, which is a question that your San Francisco lip augmentation surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda will address during your initial consultation. By following targeted proportions for what makes an attractive pair of lips for one's face, an experienced plastic surgeon can keep the correct ratio of lip sizes and stay in proportion with the rest of the face.

There are different products and methods used for lip augmentation, and you may experience some discomfort during the process of injection. Our office uses a topical anesthetic to numb the area and may inject additional anesthetics if needed, but this is not usually the case. The injection can be over very quickly when lip augmentation fillers are used and a skilled plastic surgeon is in charge. Recovering from lip augmentation may take several weeks to a month, and there may be some discomfort caused by yawning or stretching your mouth open.

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