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At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, our medical director Dr. Miranda is an experienced surgeon with gynecomastia in San Francisco for both male adults and children. He is responsible for the conclusive chapter on gynecomastia that has been included in the world's most acclaimed and widely used plastic surgery textbook. In addition, he authored the chapter on breast deformities in male and female children / adolescents that is now included in the "Pediatric Surgery" textbook that is most commonly used in the training of plastic surgeons worldwide.

About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia reduction, also known as male breast reduction, is used to treat the number of male children, adolescents and adults that have developed a noticeable amount of tissue in the area of their pectoral muscles, essentially making it look like they have breasts. When breasts are over developed or become enlarged in men, it can sometimes create health problems. However, in most cases the issue is more of an emotional one, as most men are typically disheartened at the thought of developing breasts.

Characterized by localized fat that has become excessive and / or development of extra glandular tissue, both adult men and children are prone to developing gynecomastia. Sometimes, the problem can present itself in only one breast (unilaterally) and in others it takes form in both (bilaterally). In either case, Pacific Plastic Surgery Group can help you find the right surgical option to remove the excesses and return your body to a shape that is free from the look of breasts.

Gynecomastia in San Francisco

How The Gynecomastia Procedure Works

The procedure works by reducing the breast size and then systematically flattening the area out to enhance the contours of a man's chest.

The surgical methods used to carry out this process can include liposuction (either through the traditional method or through ultrasonic liposuction), excision (creating incisions on the nipple to effectively reduce the appearance of scarring) or possibly a combination of the two procedures.

Recovery And Results of Gynecomastia

Generally, male breast reduction surgeries take a couple of hours to complete.

Once the surgery formale breast reduction in San Francisco is through, patients will be dressed with bandages around their incisions. These will serve to protect the area and provide support that will effectively minimize swelling and enhance the contours of the patient's chest during the healing process. For some patients, a small tube may be placed under the skin temporarily. This will be used to drain the excess fluids and blood that may collect as your body continues to heal from the surgery. The precautions taken post-surgery will only be temporary. The results, on the other hand, will be permanent.

While scarring from the procedure is permanent, it will likely fade over time. In some men, the scarring is almost completely hidden by the natural contours of their body. Once the surgery and recovery are complete, men will benefit from an enhanced upper body that will likely increase their self-confidence and allow them to engage in more physical and social activities than ever. If you are considering any kind of plastic surgery, it is always best to find a knowledgeable San Francisco cosmetic surgeon who understands every facet of the procedure you are seeking out.

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