…at the end of 2010 and around Jan 2011 it got infected. A very good friend of mine who had several procedures done with Dr. Miranda highly recommended I see Dr. Miranda since he has had experience with removing cysts. Additionally after asking around I realized it was best to see a plastic surgeon for removal of a facial cyst as they will do whatever they can to minimize any scarring. Dr. Miranda was very patient with me throughout the consultation and took a lot of time to explain to me what caused my cyst, what the surgery would entail as well as answering any questions or concerns I had regarding the removal of the cyst. At no time did I feel rushed which was nice compared to other doctors I have seen in the past. He scheduled me for surgery 2 weeks later and everything turned out fine. I have really thick facial hair and while performing the surgery to remove my cyst, Dr. Miranda found that the cause was ingrown facial hair. After removing the cyst and ingrown facial hair, he found I had additional ingrown hairs and he removed them as well as the follicles in order to minimize the possibility of anymore cysts from coming back. Recovery was about a week and I have had no problems since. Including the initial consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments, I saw Dr. Miranda about 4-5 times in total over a 2 month period or so. Overall, every visit went smoothly. The office and facilities were immaculately clean and organized. And most important of all, Dr. Miranda and his entire staff were always friendly, courteous, patient and helpful throughout the process. It kind of makes me wish this was how visits to my GP would be. I give Dr. Miranda 5 stars all the way and I would definitely see Dr. Miranda again for any future procedures I may need. I highly recommend you see Dr. Miranda for any cosmetic procedures.