…from the beginning of my four month hospital stay, and has continued to see me during my recovery and now subsequent plastic surgeries to repair damaged tissue. I had twenty five plus surgeries during my hospital stay to remove dead tissue from my feet, to my neck, including a vast majority of the tissue from my right hip and the back of my right leg. I not only had tissue removed, but ligaments, nerves and veins had to be moved or reattached. So much was done, it filled up a stack of documents three feet high. The fact that I survived and was still so healthy after all I had been through, caused me to be known as one of the biggest miracles that California Pacific Medical Center has ever seen. I would not have been so lucky, if not for Dr. Miranda. What I know is Dr. Miranda is an incredible surgeon and would refuse to give up. When others said remove the leg, or other such dire circumstances arose, he would keep try another approach. I have now been out of the hospital for just over six months. I am now almost one hundred percent recovered, with all limbs intact. I owe Dr. Miranda my life. Even though Dr. Miranda had to remove an incredible amount of tissue. I am now able to return to a normal life. If I had any other surgeon, I would not have been so lucky.