…but I am sooo happy with my results that I have to write this. Dr. Edward Miranda came highly recommended by my friend who had her tummy tuck and lipo done by him. I wanted the same things done but with getting double eyelids, too. My friend warned beforehand that he is very young handsome so I was expecting a young arrogant doctor (90120 style). But no, he was very friendly and professional. Full of knowledge with many years of experience in reconstructive surgeries under his belt. He made sure I felt comfortable with him during my consultation and had his female assistant in the room put me more at ease.

To have somebody perform surgery on me, of course I am going to do my research and find the best one and one who I can trust. With Dr. Miranda, it also came as a bonus for me because he specializes in double eyelids! His prices were pretty reasonable for my tummy tuck (results of having kids), Lipo. and double eyelids. Trust me, I work out but still can not get rid of that pregnancy fat and those layers of folds on my tummy. After the surgery, recovering at home, Dr. Miranda personally called to make sure I was fine and comfy. He always calls back even at crazy hours at night when I have questions! He did such a wonderful job and the double eyelids made a difference. I am just loving it right now and would highly..HIGHLY recommend Dr. Miranda to anybody who is looking for a great trustworthy doctor.

I have to say…I am extremely happy with my results every time I go in for botox and also seeing him in the ER for a severely lacerated finger. The staff is extremely nice and accommodating, and Dr. Miranda is extremely professional and caring. I noticed that previous reviews have given him 1 or 2 stars, not because of his work, but because of billing situations. I totally understand and agree that the previous employee who handled the billing was incompetent. Dr. Miranda has a new person handling the billing, and she is fantastic. Excellent work by the doctor and fantastic staff! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else or see anyone else!