Breast Augmentation San Francisco

Breast Augmentation is a procedure designed to enhance the fullness of the breasts, improve the breast symmetry, improve overall body contour, and increase a patient’s self-confidence. There are a number of reasons a woman may seek out breast augmentation. Some women are looking to restore the fullness of their breasts to a previous moment in time after losing breast mass due to weight loss, pregnancy and nursing, or other causes. Some women may have always felt their breasts were disproportionately small or simply just smaller than their preference. Some women may use the breast augmentation procedure to increase the size of a small breast when significant breast asymmetry is present. Whatever the motivation, the important thing is that it is entirely the patient’s own decision and that they have weighed both risks and benefits.

There are a number of decisions to be made after making the decision to pursue a breast augmentation, from implant type to implant shape, size, texture and placement. The most important decision, however, is choosing the right plastic surgeon to help you make all the other decisions along the way.

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