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The neck area is one of the very first areas to show age. Part of the reason for this is that fat deposits tend to settle in the neck area. This can cause the neck to lose its shape, which in turn affects the contour and symmetry of one's facial appearance. By removing the fat from the neck area through neck liposuction, it is possible for patients to achieve the beautifully contoured and youthful looking neckline that they desire.

Neck Liposuction San Francisco

Requirements For Neck Liposuction

One of the most important things to know is that neck liposuction may not be able to do anything for skin that is dimpled or rippled. In order to be a good candidate for neck liposuction, the patient must have a good mental, physical and emotional status without any hidden medical conditions.

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Neck Liposuction in San Francisco

During neck liposuction, Dr. Miranda will make a small incision below the chin to remove the excess fat deposits by inserting a small cannula into the fatty tissue. The cannula will be used to break up the fat in the neck and then remove it.

Patients may experience bruising around the neck, jaws and ears, which may continue to swell for ten days. During this time, patients should use two pillows when sleeping in order to keep their head elevated at all times. The final results will be evident in three to six months, and may be followed by additional cosmetic procedures to the face & neck areas.

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