Breast Enhancement
San Francisco

Pacific Plastic Surgery Group offers a host of surgical procedures all designed to enhance the bodies and self-esteem of our patients. For more than 11 years our San Francisco plastic surgeons have been treating the residents of San Francisco, and surrounding areas, in cosmetic improvements to their outward appearance.

Many of the surgical procedures that we perform on a regular basis include restructuring, sculpting and / or contouring specific areas of the body to improve the appearance of patients that have undersgone surgery or rapid / dramatic fluctuations in their weight. When a person’s body is misshapen or difficult to manage, we offer options to surgically correct the problems that diet and exercise were unable to rectify on their own. Some of our breast procedures include:

Male Breast Reduction

At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group our lead surgeon, Dr. Miranda, is an expert in the surgical treatment of gynecomastia in male adults and children. In fact, he is responsible for the conclusive chapter on gynecomastia that has been included in the world’s most acclaimed and widely used plastic surgery textbook.

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