Breast Reconstruction
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Women who have had a mastectomy can have their breast restored through surgery. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we are committed to helping women to enhance their appearance and regain confidence after losing a breast to cancer or other medical condition.

Understanding Your Options

At our practice, our surgical team has extensive experience in assisting women to restore their breasts and regain their confidence after the painful and emotional situation of losing a breast through surgery.

It is important to know all about the procedure and what breast reconstruction entails, and we can meet with you and answer all of your questions, and help you plan for your surgery. Dr. Edward Miranda is a highly respected plastic surgeon and has achieved exceptional results for patients for over a decade. He and his compassionate and professional staff can help you understand the process and what you can expect with regard to results and the appearance of your new breast.

His San Francisco plastic surgery group has been assisting women to restore and enhance their natural beauty for over a decade. A breast implant does not impair health, but as with any surgery, there are certain risks, and we will advise you about what to expect in recovery time, appearance, and the various steps of the procedure.

These include general anesthetic during surgery. To reconstruct a new breast mound, the surgical techniques used could vary based upon the amount of skin tissue available. Some patients may need a tissue expansion before the implant can be placed for best results. Another option in surgical techniques uses your own muscle and skin from your abdomen to reconstruct the breast, transporting tissue to the implant location. Each individual has a unique physical situation and determining the best surgical procedure for you is the first step in the process.

What is a Breast Reconstruction?

Women who have had a mastectomy can have their breast restored through surgery. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we are committed to helping women to enhance their appearance and regain confidence after losing a breast to cancer or other medical condition.

This procedure is performed on patients that have recovered from their surgery, and do not have another medical condition or ongoing cancer treatments that could make healing more difficult. It is important to discuss the option of breast reconstruction with an experienced San Francisco plastic surgeon and get the answers you need about the procedure and what to expect. Breast reconstruction consists of several stages, and can be started at the same time as the mastectomy, or later after you have healed from your surgery and you have completed any of your cancer treatments.


The process of expanding the tissue takes about 2 – 6 months, and an expander is placed under the skin to slowly expand the skin. A surgical implant is then easier to place, and either saline or silicone implants could be used.

There are two other types of procedures that may be used, which will not require tissue expansion. These techniques include free flap and TUG flap. Free flap is when the mastectomy has been performed in such a way that the skin envelope is saved in the surgery, allowing the breast reconstruction to take place at once. TUG (Transverse Upper Gracilis Flap) flap is a technique in which tissue from the upper thigh is used to create a new breast, without any noticeable degree of loss of function, and reattached with microsurgery to the breast area.

This living tissue is your own with natural blood flow and other advantages. Each case is different, and you may choose to have a breast augmentation or breast reduction to improve the symmetry of the breasts so that the size and position of both breasts looks natural and beautiful. Meet with our friendly and professional staff and get the information you need about breast reconstruction. You can find out more about Dr. Miranda, his professional awards and achievements, and you can discuss your concerns and questions with him personally in your consultation.

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