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With age it is typical to experience sagging skin that often results from a loss of fat, particularly in areas such as the face, neck and hands. While fat loss is coveted among many men and women throughout the United States, when it is lost from your face or neck the results could look less pleasing than more so. To correct the problem, many people are turning to fat grafting and a skilled San Francisco plastic surgeon can help. Here at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group we strive to deliver the best fat grafting San Francisco has to offer.

Fat Grafting in San Francisco

Often referred to as fat transfers, fat grafting is a surgical procedure in which fat is removed from different parts of the body, i.e., hips, thighs, buttocks, etc., and transferred to areas such as the face and neck that may have lost crucial fat through aging. Most commonly, this procedure is performed on the face and hands of San Francisco fat grafting patients.

Gone are the days when we believed that aging would almost inevitably lead to sagging skin and loose wrinkles as the result of gravitational pulls. Now, we know that it is not gravity pulling down our skin as time goes on; it is deflation and a loss of volume that occur from one year to the next and build up with each passing decade.

It has been estimated that nearly 80% of a person's hands, face and neck change over time not as a result of gravity or sagging but as a result of deflation and volume loss. Fat grafting is one of the primary methods used at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group to treat this problem.

Studies have shown that fat grafting is an effective method of fat transfer that not only rejuvenates skin to its former youthfulness but improves the skin over the next one to two years. Especially, in the face, transferring fat to areas such as the brow line, outer & inner cheeks, lower eyelids and chin can create dramatically younger looking skin that will not fade for years to come.

Fat grafting San Francisco

Process And Recovery

By taking fat from other areas of your body and implanting it into your hands and face you can decrease lines, plump skin and rejuvenate your look altogether. Creased lines, sunken areas and sagging skin can give way to your age more than ever. However, these symptoms do not have to out you to others.

It's all possible with fat grafting. Full lips and cheeks, wide eyes and tighter skin will give way to the youth you still feel but may have trouble showing through your appearance. Typically, the procedural processes involved in fat grafting transfers take about two to four hours. When the process is complete you may feel some pain and discomfort as your body adjusts and heals to the new additions and subtractions that were made in different areas of your body. As such, it is also common to experience bruising and swelling – symptoms that are expected to diminish within a couple of days.

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