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Jeuveau is an injectable form of botulinum toxin type A clinically developed with aesthetics in mind. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group we strive to deliver the best Jeuveau San Francisco has to offer. Jeuveau is a great FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe glabellar lines, aka., frown lines. These are the dreaded “number 11” lines that tend to develop between the brows.

What Is Jeuveau?

Over time, age, gravity, sun damage, and harsh weather can all impact our skin, causing wrinkles and fine lines to develop more noticeably. After 25, our bodies produce less collagen, which means free radicals can develop and cause damage to the skin.

To help target some causes of wrinkles and help reduce signs of aging like glabellar lines, Jeuveau temporarily freezes the muscles underneath the skin. This can reduce the appearance of deep lines that settle in, even when your face is relaxed. Jeuveau is a non-surgical cosmetic injectable that works by blocking signals that go from the nerve to the muscle. This prevents muscle contractions that cause frown lines and movement lines in the forehead.

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Who is a Candidate For Jeuveau?

Do you have moderate to severe frown lines in your brow or fine lines around your forehead? Injectable treatments can be an excellent way to address these and help give you a more youthful appearance.

Jeuveau is an ideal option for anyone who is seeking to avoid cosmetic surgery or wants to try a more modern approach to other alternatives, like Botox or fillers. In some cases, patients may actually opt to combine Jeuveau injections with other cosmetic procedures to give a more targeted approach. To learn if Jeuveau is an option for you, schedule a consultation at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group in San Francisco today.

How Soon Will I See Results?

The results of Jeuveau will vary for each patient. The number of units you receive, where your injections are administered, and your skin laxity can contribute to how quickly you see the effects of your Jeuveau injections. Typically, patients will start to see the results of their treatment within five to ten days after their appointment.

Another important factor is your treatment provider. To achieve the best results you will want to choose a cosmetic expert who has years of experience achieving top injectable results. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we have exactly that, and are known for the highest-quality care and outstanding customer experience.

How Does Jeuveau Compare to Other Injectables?

Jeuveau is the first botulinum toxin injectable clinically designed with purely aesthetic correction in mind. It was FDA-approved in February 2019 and strives to offer a more modern version of the traditional option. Jeuveau also uses Hi-Pure™ technology to offer the highest-quality approach to patients seeking for an alternative to the traditional neurotoxin.

Does Jeuveau Hurt?

At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, in San Francisco, our team of expert cosmetic enhancement professionals is dedicated to providing patients with a personal level of care and attention. Our non-surgical enhancement options are minimally-invasive and can be performed quickly. To help ensure the comfort of every patient, we offer numbing options for injectable treatments.

Most of our San Francisco Jeuveau patients say treatments are virtually painless, with slight pinching feelings throughout. Jeuveau can be administered in under an hour and patients tend to experience minimal side effects. You may have some bruising, swelling, or redness at the injection site, but ice may help reduce these symptoms.

Getting Jeuveau in San Francisco

In Northern California, San Francisco is a central hub for both visitors and residents of the area. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, board-certified Edward P. Miranda, MD, FACS works closely with their amazing professional team to deliver a variety of high-end cosmetic surgery and non-surgical solutions to men and women. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 415-379-9015.

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Is There Downtime With Jeuveau?

Jeuveau, like the original botulinum toxin treatment, Botox, is a lunchtime treatment.

This means it is a quick procedure that can be performed in the time of a typical lunch break and is gentle and effective enough that patients can return to work or their responsibilities without any downtime or recovery required. With Jeuveau, patients likely won’t experience more than slight redness at the injection site. Any inflammation or soreness will subside quickly and on its own.

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How Long Does Jeuveau Last?

The results of your Jeuveau treatment may vary, but patients can expect Jeuveau to last for around three to four months. Patients can combine them with high-end skincare treatments and a facial care routine to help promote natural collagen production and help fight signs of aging for longer. Regular maintenance can help reduce the need to get Jeuveau injections as often, as well. For best results, its recommended patients get around two to three applications per year.

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