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Many women are plagued with concerns about the outward appearance of their vaginal area, citing the labia as their particular area of concern. Other women may experience pain with little to no relief. For these women, surgical procedures are available and growing in popularity. Pacific Plastic Surgery Group offers Labiaplasty in San Francisco is the surgical procedure used to trim and reshape the inner lips of a woman's vagina (the labia minora), as well as the outer lips of the vagina (the labia majora).

Why Labiaplasty Surgery?

As a woman, you should be made to feel good about yourself and your body. When you are suffering from vaginal lips that are enlarged, either inwardly or outwardly, it could be significantly more difficult to feel comfortable with your body. Not only do these women experience pain during physical exertion (i.e. sexual intercourse, exercise, etc.) and when wearing particularly tight jeans, they may also feel a general sense of self-consciousness about their condition.

The labia minor are the inner flaps of vaginal skin that cover a woman's clitoris and vagina, whereas the labia majora are the parts of the labia that cover the outside of the body. As such, it is these adult women that are ideal candidates for a Labiaplasty surgery. When the surgeon at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group perform a San Francisco Labiaplasty, it is usually done so under local anesthesia, often on an outpatient basis.

Labiaplasty is approximately a two-hour surgery, during the procedure you can expect for your inner and / or vaginal lips to be shortened by cuts that are made with specialized scissors, scalpels and lasers. We will perform this surgery according to the specific configuration of your vagina, paying particular attention to the size, shape and texture of your labia. Choosing vaginal surgery will require recovery time that could last up to several weeks.

For approximately one month following the Labiaplasty surgery you will be unable to engage in sexual intercourse and you can expect your genitals to feel tender and appear swollen for a couple of weeks at least. The area surrounding your labia is susceptible to bruising as well. Patients can take medications orally in order to reduce pain and prevent against infection post-surgery.

In addition, tampons are not to be used within ten days of your surgery and vigorous physical activity should be abstained from for no fewer than three weeks following your operation. It is a wise idea to speak with a competent San Francisco plastic surgeon before you even consider the option of Labiaplasty for your particular situation. We strive to deliver the best Labiaplasty San Francisco has to offer, so contact our office to set up a consultation right away and we will be able to answer any questions you may have!

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