Gender-Affirming Surgery
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Pacific Plastic Surgery Group is at the forefront of gender-affirming surgery in San Francisco. Under the guidance of Dr. Edward Miranda, our practice offers compassion, expertise, innovation, and a safe and inclusive space for patients at every phase of their journeys. We strive to deliver the best gender-affirming surgery San Francisco has to offer. Learn more about our surgical treatment options for gender-affirming surgery, including hair transplants, top surgery, body contouring, and other gender-affirming surgeries and procedures.

What is Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Gender-affirming surgery holistically supports individuals with a Gender Dysphoria diagnosis through medical services as they align their outward appearance with their personal gender identities. It involves a range of surgical procedures that aid in helping the patient look the way they want to look. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we understand the importance of acknowledging and respecting your identity throughout every step of your journey.

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What types of Gender-Affirming Surgery procedures are available?

At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we recognize that each individual's gender journey is unique. Our San Francisco Gender-affirming surgery procedures offer versatility to meet you where you are on your journey, and help you get to where you want to be.

Gender-Affirming Surgeries and Procedures

For those seeking permanent and transformative changes, our gender-affirming surgeries and procedures offer a diverse range of options. They include specialized interventions like transgender hair transplant, top surgery, facial feminization or masculinization, and body contouring.

These surgeries are carefully designed to address specific aspects of the anatomy, ensuring that the physical form aligns with the desired gender identity. Each procedure is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the individual, emphasizing safety, precision, and the achievement of authentic and satisfying results.

Facial Masculinization and Facial Feminization

Facial masculinization and facial feminization surgeries alter facial features to align with an individual's gender identity, emphasizing either masculine or feminine traits.

Gender-Affirming Body Contouring

Gender-affirming body contouring utilizes procedures like liposuction to reshape the body in accordance with the individual's gender identity, often complementing other gender-affirming treatments.

Candidates for Gender-Affirming Surgery

Candidates for gender-affirming surgery have made the decision to move forward in the process of changing their physical body to better reflect how they feel they should look. For patients working with insurance companies, a Gender Dysphoria diagnosis is required, along with a proven history of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and accompanying documentation from a mental health professional following WPATH 8. During our consultation process, we review your medical history and help you make the determination of which gender-affirming procedures are safe for you, and help you reach your goals.

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Why choose Pacific Plastic Surgery Group?

Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, led by San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda, offers compassionate and effective procedures for our San Francisco gender-affirming surgery patients. Known for its commitment to achieving natural-looking and beautiful results, our practice offers a comprehensive range of services, including Facial Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation, MedSpa treatments, Body Contouring, and Hair Transplants. Dr. Miranda's exceptional training and wealth of experience mean that you will be in truly expert care during your visit. When you choose Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, you will have a compassionate team dedicated to exceptional care by your side at every step of your journey.

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If you think you might be ready to move forward with gender-affirming surgery, you can get in touch with us for a consultation and explore your options in a compassionate and risk-free setting. Let us help you achieve the comfort and confidence you deserve!

Gender-Affirming FAQS

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