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Whether from age, rapid weight fluctuations or even a past surgery, sometimes the skin and fat between a person's underarm area and their elbow becomes excessive. When this happens, it can be beyond difficult to correct the problem with diet and exercise alone. However, the problem can still be rectified.

Brachioplasty in San Francisco

A brachioplasty, also know as an arm lift, is conducted to remove the excess skin and / or fat that has accumulated in the upper region of a person's arms. The reshaping procedure results in smooth skin and sleek contours that may have been lost prior to the surgery. We strive to deliver the best brachioplasty San Francisco has to offer. More toned, proportionate arms are within reach when you elect to have an arm lift surgery at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group.

Ideal candidates for brachioplasty surgeries include men and women of normal weight and relatively good health. Typically, these are people that have had trouble tightening their upper arm area, despite their efforts to do so. Very often, our arm lift patients are ones that have experienced rapid weight loss, often through surgery, and are now suffering from excess, sagging skin. Among these patients, it is common to get the complaint that their new, thinner arms look more like "bat wings."

brachioplasty San Francisco

What's Involved In the Brachioplasty Process?

If you have upper arm fat that is minimal, liposuction may be recommended instead of an actual lift. Your arm lift in San Francisco will depend on the severity of your problem. However, a full lift may be necessary for patients suffering from the combination of sagging skin and excess fat deposits. In some cases, the surgery can be conducted very minimally, leaving nothing but a small scar near the arm pit, while in other cases the removal of skin and fat will require more extensive surgery that could result in a scar that runs all the way from the elbow to the chest, crossing at the arm pit.

Arm lifts are most commonly performed using general anesthesia. Prior to the surgery it is recommended that you cease smoking (if you're a current smoker), as it can adversely affect your ability to heal and recover after the surgery has been completed. It is also recommended that certain medications be terminated prior to the surgery, as these have been connected to serious side effects such increased risk of bleeding. Anti-inflammatory medications, Aspirin and some homeopathic regimens should not be taken prior to your brachioplasty in San Francisco.

Arm Lift Recovery

When the arm lift procedure has been completed, you will quickly be able to enjoy noticeable results including a dramatic reduction in the excesses of skin and fat that had previously collected in your upper arm region. Many San Francisco brachioplasty patients have expressed an increase in their confidence and self-image and many more have expressed the enjoyment they now feel when wearing short sleeves and tank tops. It takes only a few weeks to return to your normal functioning once the surgery has been completed, and before you know it you will be able to comfortably use your arms and hands with as much ease as ever.

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