Preparing For Plastic Surgery
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Just like any other surgery, you must be sure to properly prepare yourself physically and mentally before you undergo plastic surgery of any kind. Your body is about to experience a serious change, so make sure that you are ready, taking every precaution to minimize any negative reactions and to accelerate the healing process. The preparation process can begin as many as three weeks before the date of your surgery, so get started today by learning the dos and don'ts of plastic surgery.

Three Weeks Before Plastic Surgery

Stop smoking and drinking. Smoking may even need to stop earlier due to its effect on the healing process. Smoking constricts your blood flow to all areas of your body, which slows down your body's healing capabilities. As for drinking, it can also affect your healing and your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness and disease.

Alcohol consumption before surgery also makes you more susceptible to bleeding and should be cut out completely before and after your surgery until your counselor gives you the okay. You should also run all prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications by your plastic surgery counselor to ensure that nothing will negatively affect you. Lastly, cut back on any foods containing salicylates, since this affects your blood and can cause excessive bruising.

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Two Weeks Before Plastic Surgery

Check your medications again. What may have been acceptable three weeks before surgery may not be acceptable now.

These medications include ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, blood-thinners, and Vitamin E supplements. There are also certain things that you should begin doing two weeks before your procedure. Start taking multivitamin supplements with the approval of your patient counselor, including vitamins A and C. Bromelain (found in health food stores) can also help relieve swelling after surgery, and homeopathic arnica ointment can be used to prevent and treat bruising. Iron is also recommended before liposuction.

One Week Before Plastic Surgery

Sodium increases swelling, so reduce it to a minimum one week before your surgery in order to minimize discomfort after the procedure.

Be sure to eat healthy and regularly in order to boost your body's immune system and health. This includes eating fruits, vegetables, and protein with every meal. Get all your prescriptions filled ahead of time, especially those related to your procedure, and contact someone about driving you to and from your procedure. You should also have somewhere prepared for you to recover after your surgery is complete where you can rest, relax, and easily contact someone for assistance or in case of an emergency.

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