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Cosmetic surgery can be used to improve the overall shape and tone of a person's body. When an adult man or woman suffers from sagging deposits of fat and loose skin the underlying problem could be the body's tissue that is meant to support his / her skin and fat. By removing the extra fat and sagging skin, the condition can be treated and the poor tissue elasticity that was playing a part in the problem will be alleviated as well.

The Process Of Body Lift

As one of the most common surgeries among men and women throughout the U.S., our San Francisco body lift is used to improve the shape and appearance of a person through body contouring. Many times, dramatic weight loss can leave people with loose skin and oddly placed deposits of fat that are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise by themselves. When this is the case, opting for a body lift is a great way to alleviate the problem in a long-lasting way.

When performing a body lift San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Miranda will make a single incision along the abdomen of the patient. From there, excess fat and sagging skin can be removed surgically. The process also involves lifting and tightening of specific areas throughout the body, including the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, butt and arms. Fat is removed through liposuction and the body is then sculpted / contoured to show off its natural beauty. If necessary and / or desired, augmentation to the butt can also be included in the procedures performed on the patient of a body lift surgery.

Body Lift San Francisco

Important Things To Consider

Doing a body lift results in permanent effects that will remain for the rest of your lifetime. However, patients are responsible for maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle in order to enhance and continue the effects of the surgery. While it is normal to lose minor amounts of firmness with age, as long as you continue to lead a healthy life you will continue to enjoy the fruits of your post-surgery body. Patients undergoing a body lift surgery should first ensure that their BMI (body mass index) is at a healthy level.

Persons with high BMIs could be more at risk of complications, including infection, abnormal scarring, bleeding, tissue death and seoma (lumps / masses formed by fluid buildup in the organs and / or tissues). The risks to consider before opting for a body lift surgery primarily include scarring after the fact. In a few patients, loose / sagging skin has continued to be a problem and further corrective surgery will be required. However, for the majority of body lift patients, results are favorable, long-lasting and everything they imagined. In order to learn more about the potential benefits that await you, contact our office and schedule a consultation with a San Francisco plastic surgeon today!

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