Chin Augmentation
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Many people are surprised to discover that much of our facial symmetry depends on the shape and size of our chins in relation to our noses. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found that individual facial bones can reduce, shift or enlarge with age, and this can cause a disproportionate chin.

Chin Augmentation San Francisco

What is Chin Augmentation?

A small chin often makes the nose appear larger and by altering the size and shape of the chin, a skilled plastic surgeon such as our San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Miranda, can enhance the chin to make the nose appear smaller and bring contour to the jaw line.

There are several options and combinations of surgeries that can be used to make the chin more aesthetically pleasing, and chin augmentation may be suggested as a supplement to rhinoplasty. Also known as genioplasty, chin augmentation involves using a chin implant to enhance or enlarge a receding chin. The procedure entails advancing the chin bone itself, and your surgeon can help you determine whether to use a silicone chin implant or whether to just advance your existing bone.

The Chin Augmentation Procedure

The incision for chin augmentation surgery can be made under the lower lip inside the mouth or under the chin in an inconspicuous location. After the implant is carefully placed, the incision will be closed. If you decide to advance the existing bone, your surgeon will make an incision with a special blade to separate the edge of the chin bone and bring it forward. Then, the bone will be positioned with special bone plates and screws or wired. Recovering from San Francisco chin augmentation typically takes several weeks as the swelling and discoloration slowly subsides.

Here at the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we have been performing chin augmentation in San Francisco for over 11 years for patients throughout Northern California area. We strive to deliver the best chin augmentation San Francisco has to offer. We are intimately aware of the risks and potential complications, and we offer you a consultation to discuss your options in further detail. Get in touch with a competent and highly skilled San Francisco cosmetic surgeon at our office if you are considering chin augmentation.

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