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What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is used as an enhancement procedure that helps reduce sagging and drooping on the chest by trimming away loose skin and adjusting the breasts’ shape and contour. This procedure can help achieve a more youthful and sculpted appearance.

Breast lift is especially beneficial among women who have experienced physical changes to the body following pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss. As one of the most popular breast enhancement procedures following only breast augmentation, breast lift surgery can offer many benefits.

If you are considering a mastopexy or similar breast enhancement procedure, the first step is to seek out a plastic surgery center with knowledgeable and experienced breast lift surgeons. San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Miranda of the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group strives to deliver the best breast lift San Francisco has to offer. They offer consultations at their upscale facility to help accommodate and understand each patients’ needs.

Who Can Have Breast Lift?

Gravity, and the changes it can have on the body, is an unavoidable part of life. For most patients with breasts, some type of sagging, drooping, or overall change will likely occur as you go through hormonal, physical, and biological fluctuations.

A breast lift can provide a perkier, more rounded breast shape. This procedure is ideal for patients who are happy with their breasts’ natural size and volume but simply want to see any sagging or drooping corrected.

A breast lift can also help to reposition the nipples, especially if they tend to point downward or have become misshapen. Ideal candidates include patients who are in good general health and a stable weight. If you are eligible for the procedure, you’ll have a chance to discuss aesthetic goals with your surgeon.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift is a delicate procedure that can be approached using various techniques. The best method for your surgery will depend on your unique beauty goals and body shape. During the initial consultation phase, you’ll be able to discuss what you’d like to achieve with your surgeon. They will explain the various surgical options and provide a recommendation for the best approach. To achieve the final results, your breast lift surgeon may use one of these techniques:


With a crescent lift, one incision is made along the top of the areola’s outer edge. As a result, any scarring is hidden within the natural folds and pigment of the areola. It’s recommended for mild sagging.


Also known as a “donut lift,” this breast lift technique creates incisions around the entire areola. This technique results in minimally visible scarring, and it can help to reposition the nipple and areola. The peri-areolar approach is best for patients with mild sagging.

Vertical Breast Lift

For this technique, the surgeon will create two incisions. The first is around the areola with another vertical incision that runs from the areola straight down along the natural breast crease. The shape of the incisions resembles a lollipop, which prompted the nickname “lollipop lift.” A vertical lift is best performed on patients with moderate breasts who need more extensive recontouring. Dr. Miranda can achieve most lifts with a vertical short scar, avoiding the anchor.

Anchor Breast Lift

For a more traditional lift, your surgeon may use a classic approach. The incisions are made in the shape of an anchor, with one around the areola (the donut lift), another down the inframammary fold (lollipop), and one curved horizontally along the natural skin crease. This technique allows your surgeon to manipulate the tissue better to achieve a more lifted result.

Combining Breast Lift with Augmentation

For patients who want to see an improvement in the contour of their breasts as well as the shape and volume, a breast lift may be paired with breast augmentation. This will allow patients to address common concerns like sagging and pendulous nipples while gaining fuller, larger, and rounder breasts through saline or silicone implants.

This procedure, known as a breast implant with lift, is a popular way for women who have lost fullness and tightness in the skin to regain a firmer, more youthful bust.

Consultation and Preparation

At the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we understand the importance of getting to know each San Francisco breast lift patient and their unique needs. This will help us plan the best approach to achieve your desired results.

You’ll be able to discuss what you’d like to achieve with a breast lift and whether combining it with another procedure, like breast augmentation, is ideal. Once you settle on the details, you’ll be able to start planning and getting ready for the surgery.

Patients will be advised to make some changes to their lifestyle, including quitting smoking before your appointment and ceasing any medications that might interfere with your recovery.

San Francisco Breast Lift

Results Following a Breast Lift

The results of your breast lift are immediately visible after the procedure. However, they will still be swollen and subject to drainage and surgical coverings for several weeks during the recovery.

You’ll be scheduled for different post-procedure follow-ups to check your healing progress, and within several months you’ll be able to start enjoying the results of your procedure.

Cost & Financing Options for a Breast Lift

Different factors will affect the price of breast lift surgery, including the patient’s goals, the type of technique and anesthesia, facility costs, prescriptions, and, of course, the cost of a qualified and experienced surgeon.

At our facility in San Francisco, patients can undergo a breast lift with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Miranda. During your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss a quote with an outline of any procedure costs.

Schedule your consultation at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group in San Francisco, where we pride ourselves on our results and quality patient experience.

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