Cosmetic Surgery for Your Grad

With graduation season right around the corner, many young people may want a new car, exotic trip or a new laptop. For some, however, their number one gift choice is plastic surgery. Nose reconstruction, breast augmentation, liposuction and other procedures are quickly becoming the top picks for those graduating high school, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Sometimes these procedures that appear cosmetic on the surface are actually more for reconstructive purposes. Take for example, young women who may have extremely small breasts that are almost concave. By obtaining a breast augmentation surgery, they do not simply want to look a different way; they want to feel feminine. While teens only comprise 2 percent of the patients receiving cosmetic surgeries in the country, they are quickly rising in number.

In 2010, nearly 219,000 cosmetic procedures were done on teens ranging from 13-19 years old, as stated by ASPS. It is recommended that most young adults wait to receive plastic surgery until they are 18 years old (anyone younger than 18 must have parental permission). Additionally, the parents should make certain that he teen is the one who wants the surgery, not that someone is pressuring them. If they have goals towards the future and understand the procedure they are requesting, there appears to be no real issue with teens undergoing various cosmetic reconstruction.

Our San Francisco board certified surgeon, Dr. Edward Miranda, has an understanding of the human form, not only functionally but also aesthetically speaking. Clients have come away from working with him, experiencing a higher quality of life and loving their newly refreshed physical appearance. If you or your graduate is considering plastic surgery, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our office today. We can determine the best procedure available to achieve your desired results.

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