Facelifts Make Patients Look Younger

The signs of aging are something you can never run away from. They creep up unnoticed until the day when you look in the mirror and find that your youth is now behind you. The most common signs of aging are wrinkles and fine lines. These changes become more visible as you grow older.

As people age, their skin begins to lose elastin and collagen. Without elasticity, the skin becomes loose, forming wrinkles. You develop jowls, loose skin on the lower part of your face and neck. These natural changes that occur with age can make you feel self-conscious about your looks.

Fortunately, there are ways through which you can correct these undesirable changes. A facelift is one of the best ways to regain your youthful looks and a vibrant, glowing appearance. Here’s what you need to know about the facelift.

Take Years Off Your Appearance with a Facelift

A facelift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that removes sagging facial tissue to give you a youthful appearance. Once the excess tissue has been removed, the skin on your face will become firm and smooth, leaving you looking years younger. A facelift is an effective way of saying goodbye to deep folds, moderate wrinkles, and fine lines.

The Right Facelift for You

During a consultation with your San Francisco plastic surgeon, the two of you will determine the kind of facelift procedure that will help you achieve your desired results. The most commonly performed option is the traditional facelift.

The traditional facelift is a surgical procedure that involves the use of anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Miranda makes an incision behind your hairline that continues down to the ear.

The skin is then lifted, tightened, and repositioned. Excess fat and skin tissue are removed. The repositioned skin is secured in place with sutures, and sterile gauze is used to cover the incision areas.

What Can You Expect from a Facelift?

The results of a traditional facelift are noticeable almost immediately. After the procedure, the patient will experience some swelling and bruising around the incision sites. These normally reduce within two or three days. Full recovery may take anywhere from two to four weeks.

Once the patient has recovered from the surgery, the results are evident but not unnatural-looking. The skin is firmer and smoother than before. There are no more lines, wrinkles, or creases. With the loose skin gone, there are no jowls or folds anymore.

The biggest benefit of undergoing a facelift is that the results can last your entire lifetime. Say goodbye to those unsightly wrinkles and creases and go back to looking and feeling great with a facelift.

It’s Time to Make a Change

You deserve to look younger. Get started with your facelift procedure – contact our office today and schedule an informative consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Edward Miranda, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, you will be able to look at before-and-after photos to get a better idea of what your results could look like. Dr. Miranda of Pacific Plastic Surgery Group has years of experience and is the perfect choice for your procedure.

Schedule your consultation at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group in San Francisco, where we pride ourselves on our results and quality patient experience.

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