Flu Season is hereā€¦

Have you noticed a great deal of people around you are coughing and sneezing? This year's flu season started a month earlier than usual and the virus is in full effect. For those who haven't gotten their flu shot yet it might be a smart idea to look into getting one.

This season's flu vaccine is still available in select locations, and according to the government's study it is said to be 62 percent effective. Although the flu may be seen as another virus, if proper manners are not addressed the flu may become a critical issue. Be mindful of any surfaces you're touching, wash your hands regularly, and be sure to stock up on hand sanitizer.

The flu virus most commonly affects those with weak immune systems, particularly infants & elderly individuals. Therefore, health officials are encouraging everyone six months and older to get vaccinated.

Some indications to look out for include a high fever, extreme fatigue, chills, tiredness, or body aches. Serious cases of the flu may even lead to bacterial infections, hospitalization, or pneumonia. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself with a flu vaccine!

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