Male Pattern Baldness FAQ

Male pattern baldness often has a negative impact on confidence and self-image.

Male pattern baldness is a common issue that begins at either the temples or crown of the head and spreads out until all or most of the hair is gone. Also called androgenic alopecia, this is the most persistent form of hair loss in men today. You can view our Hair Restoration options..

A large portion of men will have been affected by male pattern baldness by the time they hit fifty years of age. We offer a large variety of hair solutions at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group to regrow hair, such as:


Losing your hair doesn’t feel good. You may even feel like you are losing your youth! With NeoGraft, we help you retain your youth and look your best. NeoGraft is a minimally invasive technique that transplants your hairs for a natural outcome. With NeoGraft you don’t have to worry about incisions, stitches, or an extensive downtime. There are no linear scars involved in NeoGraft treatment!

The FUE, or follicular unit extraction, method is used to remove hairs from the back of the head.

The NeoGraft automated system removes one to four hairs at a time. These hairs are then transplanted to the areas of the scalp where balding and thinning are occurring. Anesthesia is applied to the scalp to keep patients 100% comfortable during their treatment. This treatment is much safer than traditional methods because it is a no-touch treatment and does not require a large linear incision at the base of the head.

Hair Transplant

This procedure requires an incision along the base of the head. The incision allows us to remove ten centimeters of the scalp that is one centimeter wide. In this strip, there will be about one thousand follicles that will be transplanted to the concerning areas of the scalp. A hair transplant treatment is often completed over two to three sessions and helps our patients maintain a natural-looking appearance. Your hair should grow back over the linear scar so that you can regain your normal, thick head of hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Regrowth

This is a minimally-invasive solution to male pattern balding. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained by taking a sample of your blood and letting a centrifuge separate the red blood cells from the platelets and plasma. The result is a concentrated form of Autologous Conditioned Plasma that contains cytokines, stem cells, and growth factors. These proteins repair the body and help boost the health and function of the cells.

When applied to the scalp, they can help boost hair growth by jumpstarting the hair growth or anagen phase.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is applied with injections. Some patients choose to have a topical anesthetic applied to make the treatment more comfortable. With no downtime, you can feel confident that you are being proactive about your concerns and get back to your regular day right away.

LED Light Therapy

This natural and painless treatment can safely improve hair growth for all people.

Light-emitting diodes, or LED, release photons that are a form of energy. The photons reach deep into the skin. Different colors of light have unique benefits.

Red light increases blood flow, helping to bring oxygen up to the surface of the skin. Near-infrared light reaches into the deeper levels of the skin and diminishes stress hormones. This is ideal for patients experiencing hair loss from stress. Near-infrared will also improve blood flow and minimize inflammation. Together, these light wavelengths will promote the health of the scalp and create an ideal environment for hair growth. LED Light Therapy is anFDA-approved treatment that will have you in and out of our office in under an hour.


For those of our patients who are not interested in invasive methods or who are not at the stage of needing a more transformative treatment, we have HairMedica. HairMedica is a three-step solution that will boost hair growth, restore lost hair and keep your hair healthy and full for the long-term. This simple treatment will revitalize your hair and help you face your day with confidence! Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about HairMedica and if it is the right treatment for you.

Your hair is a large part of who you are and makes a big impression on your appearance. Balding hair can detract from your youthful face or attractive features.

We want each of our San Francisco patients to look their best and feel confident! We take time with our patients to help them build their best defense against Male Pattern Baldness. Some of the questions we most commonly receive include:

When Will I See Hair Growth?

Hair growth is seen within five to twelve months of treatment.

What Is The Difference Between FUE and FUT (Neograft vs. Strip)?

The primary difference is that FUE does not require any incisions. This treatment allows us to remove hair follicles irectly from your scalp and transplant them to problem areas. FUT requires a strip of skin to be removed. Within this strip will be hundreds of hair follicles we will use to treat the balding areas of the scalp. The treatment that is right for you can be determined in a consultation.

Does My Head Need to Be Shaved for The Procedure?

No, the whole head does not need to be shaved beforehand. We will shave a section of your hair on the day of the treatment. Some patients take the time before their appointment to style their hair appropriately.

Are The Results Noticeable Right After Surgery?

No, you will notice the transplanted hair follicles in the problem areas but these hair follicles will fall out within two to three weeks. Results will take between five to twelve months to become noticeable. The results are worth the wait!

Do Grafts Fall Out?

Yes, the transplanted hair will fall out after a couple of weeks. This is natural and a part of the hair growth cycle.

What Are The First Signs of Balding?

The first sign of balding is often noticing your hairline receding. Your scalp may even be visible in certain spots. This is often accompanied by an increase in alopecia or hair loss. Over time, these symptoms will lead the way to bald patches that result in total or partial hair loss along certain areas of the scalp.

Do All Men Go Bald?

No. Not all men go bald and even men with male pattern baldness may not experience total baldness. Some men retain a full head of hair their whole life. Whether you will bald depends on your genetics and lifestyle. Fortunately, we offer many solutions to keeping a full head of hair that will keep you looking young and healthy.

Can You Stop Male Pattern Baldness?

There is not a cure for male pattern baldness. However, treatments exist to keep the hairline full. There are also medications that can be applied to the scalp that will slow down hair loss. We offer both topical medications and ransformative treatments that can help your hair look luscious and healthy for years to come.

Does Hair Loss Come From The Mother or Father?

There are a lot of factors involved in the genetics of male pattern baldness. Neither the mother or father are fully responsible. Androgenetic alopecia is complex and can only be improved with either medication or treatments for hair growth. Our doctors specialize in hair growth and help many of our male patients achieve the appearance they are striving for.

What Age Do Men Go Bald?

Some men begin balding in their early twenties while others won’t see any changes until they get much older. By the age of thirty-five, the majority of men will have undergone a certain degree of hair loss. The degree of hair loss often worsens with aging. Your hair is a large part of your appearance and less hair can make you appear unhealthy or older than you really are. Many men seek out hair treatments, even well-known men like Elon Musk have sought regrowth treatments to obtain a full head of hair again! The hair solutions we offer are meant to boost your confidence and have you looking your best again.

Can You Reverse Balding?

No, however, you can slow down the progression of hair loss with topical medications or hair growing treatments. Unfortunately, there is not a cure to hair loss at this time, but we offer the next best thing! Our treatments will address your hair loss concerns and set you up for healthy, attractive hair for years to come.

Do Bald Men Have More Testosterone?

While testosterone does have an effect on balding, it is not necessarily true that bald men have more testosterone. It’s more complex than that; the reason relies more on genetics. There are several genes involved that cause hair follicles to become sensitive to testosterone. Testosterone is turned into dihydrogesterone by an enzyme. The dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicles to shrink and the hair to fall out of the head. Eventually, the follicles go dormant and no new hair is created.

Can a Man’s Hair Grow Back?

Hair grows in cycles but due to male pattern baldness, your hair will reach a point where it doesn’t grow back. This is when treatments like NeoGraft, Hair Transplant, Autologous Conditioned Plasma Hair Regrowth and LED Light Therapy come in. These treatments can help your hair grow back! The first step to gaining back your natural hair is to set up a consultation with us. Meeting with one of our doctors will help you learn more about the treatments we offer and which one is right for you. Give us a call at (415) 379-9015 to get your consultation set up.

Why do Some Guys Go Bald Early?

Genetics and changes in hormones influence the ability for hair to grow as men age. Some men may cause their hair to fall out quickly from brushing aggressively, pulling the hair back tightly or rubbing their hair harshly with a towel. Medications can elongate the life of the hair, while hair-replacing treatments will restore lost volume and area.

Can Low Testosterone Cause Hair Loss in Males?

Yes, low testosterone can cause hair loss in men. Low testosterone may not be the primary culprit behind male pattern baldness as this is a more complex condition. Testosterone is linked to many functions in both the male and female body. A healthy testosterone level is linked to healthy bodily function. If you are losing hair not just on your head but also on your body, you may have low testosterone levels. See your doctor and have them examine your hormone levels to ensure you are healthy.

What Deficiencies Cause Hair Loss?

Certain vitamins can aid or detract from hair growth. Vitamin D stimulates the follicles of your hair. If you have low levels of vitamin D, you may be losing hair. Supplementing vitamin D in your diet, getting plenty of rest and eating well may help you regain some of your lost hair. Vitamin D will at least boost the quality of your hair. 

The solutions we offer at Pacific Plastic Surgery Groupare helping our male patients regain and retain fuller hair. We offer a large array of treatments and hair growth products so we can give our male and female patients their best care. We also are happy to offer transgender hair transplants to provide you with a hairline and length that best compliments you.

Hair transplants are even possible for beards, mustaches, and eyebrows. If you have questions about our hair growth treatments, we encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our doctors today. We look forward to helping you get started down the path to healthy hair!

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