Man Receives Cosmetic Surgery to Look More Like Ryan Gosling

With many young and aspiring actors throughout the U.S., there is a growing trend for these individuals to want to emulate celebrities in not just their fashion, but also in their looks. One man in New Jersey, N.R., did just that. In an effort to get more leads and potential work in the film industry, he underwent $5,000 in cosmetic surgery, spending approximately 2 hours enduring various procedures. He wanted to gain more definition in his jaw line, which has been a popular trend among males receiving plastic surgery. He is also not the first man to have brought in pictures of the heartthrob. Hoping to look more like Mr. Gosling has been a common request for plastic surgeons throughout the nation.

Since the procedure, N.R. claims that he has been getting more attention not only from girls, but in getting more acting jobs. In fact, he has even experienced people coming up to him and telling him that he has a Gosling-like quality about him. He has been tremendously happy with the results and believes it was money well spent.

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