Rhinoplasty: Learning About Columellar Struts

Many people are unhappy with how they look and are especially unhappy with the appearance of their nose. The nose, being the most prominent feature of the face, can define how a person looks. A big or wide nose stands out, whereas a small or narrow nose can make the entire face look imbalanced.

To address the proportions of the nose for a more natural and attractive appearance, we provide rhinoplasty surgery. This procedure can correct a number of nasal issues.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a type of plastic surgery that changes aspects of the nose to improve its function and/or appearance. This surgery modifies the bone, soft tissue, and/or cartilage of the nose.

Rhinoplasty has two purposes:

Based on the incisions made, rhinoplasty can be classified into:


A columella is the external soft tissue that separates the nostrils at the nasal base. It is the bottom part of the nasal septum.

The columella plays a vital role in shaping the nose. It defines how the nose looks. A long columella makes the nose seem like a snout, and a small columella makes the nose look blunt. Changes to the columella help to define the entire structure of the nose.


A columellar strut is a type of graft used during rhinoplasty. A graft is a section of tissue harvested from another area of the body and is used to add strength and structure to a part of the nose. Grafts are typically made of cartilage from the patient’s septum, ear, or rib,

Plastic surgeons place a columellar strut between the septal cartilage to add support to the columella. Dissolvable sutures are used to graft it in place.


A columellar strut is used to add support to the tip of the nose, lifting a sagging columella, and can help avoid destabilization of the tip of the nose.

This graft also helps to avoid nasal airway obstruction. It acts as a means of unifying the nasal tip and controls any nasal-tip sagging. It is also used to repair developmental or post-traumatic nasal deformities.

A columellar strut is mostly used in open rhinoplasty, since the incision can destabilize the nose’s natural tip. The strut helps to maintain proper nasal-tip projection.


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