The Potential Causes of Enlarged Male Breasts

Enlarged male breasts can be a cause of loss of self-esteem. Men often alter their lifestyle to hide the problem, avoiding taking their shirts off to swim or at the gym. Enlarged male breasts are typically indicated by excessive breast tissue in men.

The area may feel more sensitive to the touch. The problem can an indicator of an even more serious issue, and you might need to be checked out for other underlying conditions if you notice symptoms such as pain, discharge, or swelling.

There are numerous potential causes of enlarged male breasts, and it can be difficult to pin down the exact cause of a patient’s gynecomastia.

Hormone Imbalance

The primary cause of enlarged male breasts is the swelling of the breast tissue due to hormone imbalance. The hormone estrogen sometimes occurs in a greater amount than the hormone testosterone, and this can cause excessive breast tissue in men.

The next thing to ask is what the cause is behind the hormonal imbalance – treating enlarged male breasts is often a matter of treating the underlying cause.

External Factors

Sometimes, external factors may trigger hormone changes in the body. It is important to find these triggers and then stop exposure to these substances. Medications can often cause change in the hormone makeup of the body. These medications can range from antibiotics to medications for treating depression, heart disease, and ulcers.

Substance abuse may also lead to hormonal disorders. Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin can cause enlarged male breasts. Excessive alcohol consumption is also often the cause of hormone imbalances in the body, leading to enlarged breast tissues in men.

Even plant-based substances or plant extracts can trigger the formation of male breasts. This is because some of these naturally occurring substances contain tiny amounts of the hormone estrogen and this upsets the natural hormone balance within the body.

Once your San Francisco plastic surgeon for gynecomastia has figured out the substance problem, it is a relatively easy matter to stop the use of the product. Your doctor may ask your other physicians for a change in medications if your medications for disease treatment are causing male breasts as a side effect.

Physical Changes

While external factors are sometimes to blame for male breasts, changes can often be triggered in the body due to natural progression of the human life cycle. Many cases of male breasts are found in adolescents, triggered by puberty. Usually, male breasts in this situation subside by the time the person turns into an adult.

As men age and their hormone levels change, they may develop enlarged breasts. Diseases such as Klinefelter’s syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, and thyroid problems can lead to hormone changes in the body, triggering enlarged male breasts.

Enlarged male breasts are surprisingly common among newborn male children. However, the problem is short lived and fades away within a few weeks of birth. It is believed that exposure to the mother’s hormones can trigger male breasts in infants.

Weight loss can be an effective way to control the problem of enlarged male breasts, depending on the cause. Obesity is one potential cause out of many.

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