Use Ultrasonic Energy to Contour Your Body with VASERlipo

Now that the new year is here, everyone will be busy burning those extra pounds at the gym. However, it’s likely that their new year’s resolutions will disappear much faster than the fat will. But that’s no reason to get disappointed, because liposuction is here to make your 2018 goals a reality.

Liposuction targets fat cells that are hard to burn. Liposuction is not a new procedure, and many have successfully shed their fat through this treatment. There have been many changes in the world of liposuction since the first procedure was made available to the public. Now, an improved technique called VASERlipo is available.

What Is VASERlipo?

The VASERlipo technique uses ultrasound energy to liquefy stubborn fat cells. This is a selective procedure, meaning that only the fat cells are targeted, making it safe for other tissues in the body. Moreover, ultrasound energy can reach deep areas where fats are deposited. The procedure can be customized depending upon the needs of the patient.

There are very few potential complications with this procedure. Because it’s gentler than traditional liposuction, the recovery period of VASERlipo is also much shorter and more comfortable.

Another reason why VASERlipo is better is because it reduces the need for use of chemicals in the body. It is possible for chemicals to react negatively with cells and tissues. Ultrasound energy is safe and does not harm the other tissues in any way.

Overall, VASERlipo is an excellent and safe way to shed excess fat from the body. The results are amazing and look very natural.

The VASERlipo Procedure

At the start of the VASERlipo procedure, small incisions are made in the skin, through which a solution is transferred. The solution is used for reducing bleeding during the procedure.

An ultrasonic probe is then inserted. Through this probe, ultrasound energy is delivered to the fat cells. Once the fat cells are liquefied, they are extracted through a cannula using medical suction. The incisions are then closed.

Most people recover in a week, but the exact recovery time will depend on the details of the case. Medical experts typically advise a period of six weeks before an individual can return back to their daily routine.

Good Candidates for VASERlipo

For those who want a slim, toned look, this is one of the best procedures available. It is important to know whether you are a fit candidate for VASERlipo or not before arranging your procedure.

If you have a preexisting medical condition, especially something related to the heart, then you may not be ideal for VASERlipo. Speak with a skilled medical professional about your condition during a consultation.

Liposuction is not a solution to obesity or weight issues, so if you are obese, this may not be right for you. VASERlipo is instead specifically intended for contouring. It removes excess stubborn fat from areas in the body that are hard to tone down with diet and exercise.

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