Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

Let's face it, these days image is everything and this is especially the case if you are a woman, although body image is becoming increasingly important to the male population. Whether you work in front of the camera, speak before students or audiences, or in the courtroom, you simply cannot escape the fact that people judge others by the way they look. Even the most beautiful actresses and models are turning towards surgical and nonsurgical means to enhance their aesthetic appearance, and non-celebrities are appealing to trusted plastic surgeons to make them look like, well…celebrities.

These days beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or more accurately in the eyes of the artisan, the plastic surgeon. The same as a painter sketches his portrait and carefully paints a draw-dropping, beautiful woman; the plastic surgeon carefully artistically sculpts his patients into the same symbol of perfection that he or she, or their patient envisions. Without the plastic surgeon's vision, exceptional skill, and attention to detail, men and women wouldn't be able to transform their appearance into the elegant figure they imagined.

Today, nearly anyone, as long as they are healthy can elect to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, and many of them are asking their surgeons to give them the same body parts as famous celebrities.

Some of the most popular requests in the last year for women were for: 1) Kate Middleton's, Emma Stone's, Nicole Kidman's and Natalie Portman's nose, 2) Angelina Jolie's and Scarlett Johansson's lips, 3) Jessica Simpson's breasts, 4) Anne Hathaway's, Mila Kunis', and Megan Fox's eyes, and 5) Halle Berry's, Keira Knightley's, and Jennifer Lopez's chin.

As plastic surgery increases in popularity, making subtle "enhancements" such as plumping up thin lips, or narrowing a broad nose, or augmenting one's breasts after childbirth are becoming as normal as putting on makeup before one runs out the door. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are so many surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures available on the market that no matter what you desire to improve, there is a procedure available that could be tailored to you.

Never before has one had the opportunity to actually change their appearance permanently if they don't like something about themselves, and with advances in modern technology, plastic surgery is safer than ever before and can make many dreams become a reality.

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