Crisalix 3D Simulator

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Are you wondering how could I look after breast augmentation surgery?

crisalix virtual aesthetics

Crisalix is a spin-off from two of the world’s most renowned university research institutes. With over five years of dedicated development with hundreds of surgeons, Crisalix understands patients and delivers anatomically accu- rate 3D images so you have the very best approximation of how you will look. Leading plastic surgeons from over 60 countries rely on Crisalix to help perfect the consultation experience.

Just 3 Photos, 3 Simple Steps

crisalix 3d simulator

Your physician will take left, center and right side pictures of you. These pictures will be securely input into an advanced computing system to accurately simulate a 3D image of you within just a few minutes.

  • No uncomfortable examinations.
  • Simple, fast and intuitive.

Unlimited 3D Simulations

Your physician will show you fully interactive 3D views to accurately portray your own before and after images for virtually any breast implant augmentation.

  • Simulation of realistic expectations, exclusively based on your own body.
  • Increase communication with your physician.
  • Active participation in the consultation.
  • Wide selection of implant sizes and shapes.
  • Higher degree of confidence.

Accurately Simulating The New You

You and your physician will then be able to decide the exact implants that best match your desired results….The New You.

It’s that simple, it’s Crisalix.

“Compared to traditional methods such as sports bra and sizers or even morphing by computer simulation, this is a fantastic revolution for the patient as well as for the surgeon. For the patient, there is nothing like seeing simulations of her own body.”

Jan Poëll, MD. Past President of the International Society of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery