Dermal Fillers Post Care Instructions
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  1. After receiving dermal fillers, swelling, redness, firmness, itching and tenderness may be present for up to two weeks. Use of cool packs may be used as needed.
  2. Sleep with your head elevated to reduce the amount of swelling.
  3. Do not massage or put pressure on the treated area, unless instructed by the injector.
  4. Wait 4 hours to apply cosmetics, moisturizer, or any lotions on the area.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight or extreme cold weather until initial swelling and/or redness has subsided.
  6. Do not do heavy aerobic exercise or do anything to raise your core body temperature or blood pressure for 24hrs.
  7. The results will be immediate, but its best effects are noted after swelling has resolved.
  8. Motrin or Advil (Ibuprofen), or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) may be used as directed on the bottle, for any discomfort after injections.
  9. Benadryl 25-50mg, per directions on bottle, may be used for itching. Benadryl can make you sleepy. Do not drive or perform any activities accordingly.
  10. The use of Arnica Montana may help with bruising. It is available topically, as well as orally. Follow directions on the bottle.
  11. Any severe swelling, itching, redness, increasing discomfort or discharge from the treated area should be reported to the office immediately.
  12. Periodic touch-ups will help sustain the desired level of correction. (Recommended every 4-6 months, based on individual body and desired outcome.)
  13. It can take up to TWO weeks for swelling and any bruising to subside. If additional filler is desired in an area of previous treatment, your provider may ask you to wait until the 2 weeks has passed.
  14. Please contact PPSG here or call 415-379-9015 with any questions.

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