Butt Lift

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For several years now there has been an increasing trend in the desire for augmentation of the butt. As such, butt lift surgery has surfaced as a popular form of plastic surgery among patients throughout the United States. Specifically, this procedure is used to lift and firm the skin of the butt.

When excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is repositioned appropriately, it is effective in creating a youthful, narrowly shaped butt. The butt is just as susceptible to loose skin and fat deposits as any other area of the body, especially when a person has undergone rapid weight fluctuations.

Butt lift surgeries offer these patients a way to rectify the problem without having to dramatically change their current lifestyle.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Butt Implants

There are currently two ways that you can surgically have your butts enlarged / enhanced. One is the Brazilian butt lift and the other is through butt implants. It is important to understand that these are not the same procedures.

The primary difference between the two is the substance used to give you rounder butts. Where the Brazilian butt lift uses actual stores of your own fat to increase the size and shape of your butt, implants insert silicon replicas instead.

Most often, butt implants are recommended for individuals that do not have enough extra stores of body fat in other places of their body to accommodate liposuction and re-injection into the butts.

The Brazilian butt lift is believed to provide patients with a more natural look that lends itself well to enhanced sensuality that many women are looking or and cannot achieve through diet and exercise alone.

About Brazilian Butt Lifts

More than ever, voluptuous butts are being praised. Gone are the days when flat, stick-straight figures are the only acceptable types of body. Now, curves are coveted and round butts are considered desirable among women across the nation.

In fact, the Latin American look of augmented butts in combination with a narrow waist is now widely popular in the U.S. as well. As such, Dr. Miranda and the medical team at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group are happy to offer the Brazilian butt lift for qualified patients.

Contrary to popular assumption, the Brazilian butt lift is not just about big butts. It is a surgical procedure that provides patients with perky, youthful butts that adds to a contoured and sensual physique.

The process involves taking fat from a patient's abdominal area (or possibly another region of the body) and re-injecting it into the butt. First, the fat is purified and then used as donor fat cells which are then injected hundreds of times in a person's butts.

Designed to fill the upper region of a patient's butt, making it look more voluptuous, the upper quadrant of the butt is injected with fat cells from other parts of a patient's body. The end result is a lifted, perky butt that others will envy. With a rounder, more well defined butt you can feel confident wearing tight jeans, short skirts and bikinis.

The curves you've been looking for to accentuate your body are within reach and the surgical team at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group are here to help you get them.

Are you a good candidate?

Used to improve the look of your butt – lifting sagging skin and removing excess fat – butt lifts are ideal surgical procedures for patients who’ve lost significant amounts of weight. Aging patients as well as those whose genetics have resulted in loose skin and problematic deposits of fat are those who most frequently utilize and benefit from the results produced by butt lift surgeries.

Not only do butt lifts effectively provide patients with a firmer, more contoured butt they are also successful in significantly improving the appearance of a person's thighs.

With butt surgery, patients often describe positive changes to their thighs and hips as well, reporting overall satisfaction with the surgery and the results it produced. It is a good idea to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable San Francisco plastic surgeon prior to making any final decisions. Our office is available to you to answer any questions you may have and help you determine your best option.

Process of Gluteoplasty

Contouring the butt is a delicate procedure that should only be conducted professionally by a board certified surgeon.

The process involves rearranging the butt's muscle tissues and fat tissues in order to enhance the gluteal region of the patient that elected for the surgery. Men and women alike have benefited from the results of these lower body lifts, as the extra fat and loose skin that have accumulated in their butt are surgically removed to create a beautifully contoured butt that better fits with the proportion of their bodies.

At all times, it is our ultimate goal to provide you with desirable results while avoiding the risks of surgical complications.

Pre-operative matters that must be met prior to surgery include thoroughly detailing your expectations regarding the results that you desire from the operation. Together, you and your plastic surgeon can come up with realistic expectations for how your post-operative body will look. In addition, the location of your surgical scars will be discussed, as will the amount of anesthetic and tumescent fluids that will be administered to you during the procedure.

Once the surgery has been completed – a process that usually takes between two and four hours – your surgeon will thoroughly examine your body and any surgical incisions that were made during the procedure. Once it has been determined that these were conducted properly, you can begin the recovery process. It will typically take several weeks for your gluteus muscle tissues to heal.

You are advised to refrain from exercise or any other activity that could otherwise be classified as strenuous until at least three weeks have passed.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Liposuction is done in other areas of the body in order to accumulate enough fat tissues to be used for re-injection into the butts.

Typical Brazilian butt lifts involve many procedures, the first being liposuction in the areas that directly surround the butts. This is done to make them stand out more and give overall definition / contour. A patient's stomach, lower back (right above the beginning of the butts) and thighs are the areas from which fat is most commonly drawn. These liposuction processes alone will provide patients with smoother, more defined contours, giving them a slimmer waist in addition to a rounder butt.

The actual process of injecting the fat into your butts is performed using specialized cannulas for the process.

Once the fat has been successfully suctioned out of other areas of the body it will then be put through additional processes to ensure that is purified and safe for re-injection. Only a small percentage of the fat that is pulled from your body will actually be used as donor fat for the re-injection, as most of it will not meet the standards that our surgeons require to complete the process. However, we have never been short of the fat tissues needed to successfully fill the butts area to produce the voluptuous contours desired.

A patient's body fat will be injected throughout different areas of the butts. It will also be injected at varying depths. Both of these measures are used to ensure that patients are provided with the highest chances of absorption that will be permanent.

Accordingly, the process involves injecting hundreds of different micro fats throughout the butts of a patient, resulting in a uniform, round and voluptuous appearance that is enhancing and natural looking all at once. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions about this procedure. Our San Francisco plastic surgeons have the necessary knowledge to provide the answers you desire.

Benefits of Butt Lifts

Almost immediately following your surgery you will begin to see noticeable results. Patients testify to having more attractive butt that is not only firmer, but more contoured as well. Even the thigh region improves among many patients of butt lift surgeries at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group.

You can also expect to see a decrease in any irregularities you may have experienced on the surface of your butt's skin, as the lift effectively diminishes dimples, cellulite, sagging and looseness.

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