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We no longer offer SmartLipo for our patients. Please take a look at our Liposuction page for our current offerings. Additionally, you may Contact Us for more information.

Smartlipo San Francisco

What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a revolutionary laser liposuction technology that uses a scientifically tuned laser to melt fat away and tighten the skin.1

SmartLipo is the predominant hi-tech laser liposuction method used in the United States today. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) liposuction is the fourth most common cosmetic surgery behind only breast implants (breast augmentation)nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Studies have shown faster recovery and less bruising with SmartLipo compared to regular liposuction.2 SmartLipo is offered by Board Certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Edward Miranda at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group.

Does Smartlipo Tighten The Skin Along With Removing Fat?

In recent scientific study SmartLipo was shown to improve skin tightness compared with traditional liposuction.3

How Is Smartlipo Different Than Regular Liposuction?

Our San Francisco SmartLipo is often better than regular liposuction because the application of the SmartLipo laser melts the fat targeted by the plastic surgeon, allowing it to be removed with less trauma and more precision. SmartLipo also stimulates collagen formation, improving skin elasticity and tightness(contraction) in treated areas.


In general, SmartLipo is for men and women who desire improved body shape have stubborn areas of excess fat. Having SmartLipo laser liposuction is an important decision that should be made between a patient and an ASPS member Plastic Surgeon that is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Which Body Areas Can Be Treated With Smartlipo?

Most areas of fat on the body can be treated with SmartLipo. Body areas that are commonly treated with SmartLipo in San Francisco include the abdomen, flanks, back, neck, thighs arms, fat that hangs over the bra and the chest in men (gynecomastia or excess breast tissue). 4

Smartlipo San Francisco

Is Smartlipo The Same As Other Laser Liposuction?

There are many laser liposuction systems available, however not all may have the same level of efficacy, scientific studies and clinical experience as SmartLipo.

SmartLipo is an FDA approved laser liposuction system. SmartLipo has internal systems to control temperature, optimize results and minimize complications. For a SmartLipo Consultation, contact Dr. Edward Miranda at the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group Today.


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