Breast Reconstruction
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Breast reconstruction is a cornerstone treatment of breast cancer that can be performed at the time of mastectomy or post-cancer treatment. The overall goals of breast reconstruction are to reduce patient morbidity, achieve a more normal size and shape, and enhance patient self-confidence. There are several categories of breast reconstruction that include implants with or without tissue expansion, autologous tissue, free or pedicled tissue flaps, fat grafting, etc. and a combination of implants and autologous tissue. The timing of reconstruction depends on various factors that can be discussed with one of our experienced San Francisco reconstructive surgeons from our location.

About The Procedure

The surgical techniques will depend on various circumstances. We can advise you on the available options based on the amount of tissue that is available.

Recovery From Breast Reconstruction

After the physically and emotionally painful experience of losing all or part of your breast through surgery, it is important to know that your reconstructive procedure is in the hands of a board-certified San Francisco breast reconstructive surgeons. The recovery period largely depends on the type of procedure performed although the average time ranges from two to four weeks to return to work.

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