Facial Fracture Reconstruction
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The Pacific Plastic Surgery Group focuses on a wide array of facial fractures that can include the nose, cheekbones, orbital bones, upper and lower jaw. We generally aim to treat these fractures soon after the inciting incident to reduce deformity, debilitation, and risk for infection. It is important that patients obtain CT imaging prior to evaluation to help plan for the surgical repair since clinical examination may present only slight evidence of trauma, like simple bruising or swelling.

About The Procedure

The procedures involved with facial fractures vary depending on the bones affected and the severity of trauma.

Nasal and orbital fractures and orbital floor fractures are generally done on an outpatient basis. LeFort I, II, III fractures involving the midface may or may not need an overnight stay in the hospital with variable plate placement. Upper and lower jaw fractures generally require an overnight stay in the hospital given the high risk of aspiration while the jaw is wired shut.

About The Recovery

Most people have well controlled pain after surgery although this may vary depending on the level of reconstruction required. Bruising and swelling are expected for all facial surgeries. Plates and screws are generally left in place with no plans for removal. Patients can return to work or school within a week or two, but, again, the extent of the injury will dictate recovery.

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