Hand Reconstruction
San Francisco

There are many situations that could result in an impaired hand condition, and when one or both hands are disabled quality of life can be severely impacted. If fingers or hand(s) have been damaged from an accident or disease, this situation can be improved by our San Francisco hand reconstruction surgery team.

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About The Procedure

Hand reconstruction can repair injuries to the tendon, birth defects, and joint deformities.

This surgery can also relieve the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and treat Dupuytren’s contracture. Reconstructive surgery can also be used to provide hand transplants for those who have lost their hands from trauma. Surgery to reattach severed hands can also be discussed. Depending on the situation, we can discuss the proper type of hand reconstruction San Francisco patients will require.

About The Recovery

Close follow up with a Hand Therapist is a must to help improve function of a repaired hand or finger. It can take weeks to months to recover from these injuries and while it may be frustrating and time consuming your hands are one of the most use parts of your body and devotion to recovery will pay dividends.

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