Migraine Nerve Decompression
in San Francisco

There are numerous etiologies causing migraines and generally to qualify for our San Francisco migraine nerve decompression, patients must be diagnosed with chronic migraines by a neurologist along with having failed multiple conservative treatments. Additionally, to determine if nerve decompression will be successful, patients will undergo trials of neuromodulator injections (e.g Botox) into trigger points to investigate what nerves are responsible for migraine pain. Nerve decompression is only considered once all other treatment options fail to produce results. Ongoing neurology management is usually essential to keep chronic pain issues under control.

migraine nerve decompression patient model with pink hair

About The Procedure

Special care is taken to establish the trigger points, which for surgical appropriate migraine patients generally occur at several anatomical places including the supraorbital nerve, supratrochlear nerve, zygomaticotemporal nerve, and great/lesser occipital nerves.

To alleviate the compression of these nerves, our surgeon will remove or relocate blood vessels, muscle or bone that is responsible for nerve irritation. Some of the procedure can even be done endoscopically which minimizes the need for large incisions. Data produced by our surgical team shows that approximately 88% of all patients who have shown improvement in their migraine headaches and pains after surgery have felt so persistently and long-term.

About The Recovery

After this outpatient surgery, many patients have described the freedom they have to enter brightly lit areas, engage in daily activities they were once denied and live a lifestyle that they always wanted. Free from the worry, pain and debilitation brought on by their migraine headaches, patients of our office are now able to experience a life worth living. If you'd like more information about our Migraine Nerve Decompression San Francisco migraine relief experts at The Pacific Plastic Surgery Group can answer any questions you have during a consultation. Contact us today to schedule!

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