Peripheral Nerve Surgery
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PThe peripheral nervous system is a complex network of motor and sensory nerves that enable sensation and movement. Various medical conditions and injuries (trauma, work-related, surgical trauma, etc.) can partially or completely affect the peripheral nerves ability to communicate with the central nervous thus causing an array of disability. If a nerve is impaired repair is usually indicated using microsurgical techniques. Our location has extensive experience using nerve conduits, nerve allograft, and nerve autografts

About The Procedure

Reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia and an incision is made over the location of the damaged nerve. The damaged nerve ends are identified and repair techniques are dependent on extent of damage. The skin and underlying tissue is then closed in layers.

About The Recovery

Reconstructed nerves recover at an extremely slow pace. Nerves recover at approximately a half to one millimeter per day, so response to reconstruction may be delayed over months. in mind that your response to the surgery may be delayed. Furthermore, nerves are very delicate and despite best efforts at reconstruction can still result in poor functional outcomes.

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