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Category Archives: Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Restoration – San Francisco Treatments

Eyelid Restoration

The eyelids are particularly vulnerable to the signs of aging. Because the eyelids are made of very thin skin, wrinkling and sagging are common. This can leave you appearing tired and even upset. Fortunately, there is eyelid restoration. Eyelid restoration, also known as blepharoplasty surgery, is a popular cosmetic treatment that can refresh your appearance.

Eyelid Lifts – Facial Rejuvenation San Francisco

Eyelid Lifts

If you have a chronically tired appearance, it can often be an issue of aging around the eyelids. If your eyes appear tired or droopy, you may be a candidate for an eyelid lift. Eyelid lifts are a rejuvenating cosmetic procedure. The eyelids are made of relatively thin skin, which leaves them vulnerable to aging.

Eyelid-Rejuvenation Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Eyelid-Rejuvenation Surgery

Eyelid-rejuvenation surgery is a great procedure for those who are looking for a way to refresh their appearance. The eyelids are often the first to show signs of aging because they are made of thin skin. The skin tends to wrinkle and sag, creating a tired appearance. Eyelid-rejuvenation surgery aims to give you an alert,

Eyelid Surgery – Facial Rejuvenation San Francisco

Eyelid Surgery

Aging can have a drastic effect on your appearance, especially on the eyelids. With aged eyelids, it can make you look chronically tired and may even impair vision. Fortunately, there is eyelid surgery, a cosmetic procedure that treats aging of the eyelids. Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates the appearance of the eyelids.

Recession Is Not Holding Back Cosmetic Surgery

Despite the fact that the American economy has been on the rocks for quite some time, many people are still paying for cosmetic surgeries. In 2012, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that there were over 10 million nonsurgical and cosmetic surgical procedures performed. Women account for 9 million, while men take

Plastic Surgery May Help You Get Ahead

In the past, plastic surgery procedures were mostly done on higher class citizens who had the time and money to have desired improvements made to their body or face. Recently, all different types of peoples of multiple classes and ethnic groups have become more interested in plastic surgery. Especially with the rise of immigration to

Plastic Surgery on the Rise for Men

In the past 15 years, plastic surgery procedures have begun to grow in popularity for the male gender, increasing by 106 percent since 1997. While cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for men was seen as something you did not do in the 80's and 90's, it has become increasingly popular and widely accepted. In 2011, 9

Plastic Surgery, Not Just for Women Anymore

During an era where 40 is the new 20 and when 50-year-old stars such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore, look better today than they did in their twenties, it gets the wheels turning in one's mind, did they get any work done? Ten or fifteen years ago it might have been easier

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